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    I am back and feel better. Christmas was lovely and low key. I hope yours was lovely too. Here is my little entry room.  I will confess it was really cold so I just threw together my decorations in my little entry room. I already had the bark and moss going. Just added some snowflakes, deer and shiny balls. I love this because I can leave it up through the winter!!







    My little Storybook corner (several gifts from you!!)



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Tierney Barden

How charming and sweet! Clarice, you always have just the right decorations and special touches - where do you store it all? Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Tracy A.

Lovely! How nice to have something that you can keep up for more than just a few weeks.


Oh I am so happy, that you are feeling better!!! And able to post/comment again!

Lovely decorations. I too love anything, one can leave up, all winter long. Instead of having to "strip" our homes, of all their joyful Holiday decorations..

Happy "in-between-time",
'Here there be musing' blog

Pearl Maple

Happy holidays to you and the family, love the idea of brining a branch into the house to add natural decorations


I like. Such pretty ideas you have, Clarice.


Love this completely!

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