Christmas Entry
Storybook Year 2013

A Folklore Christmas


    So taaDahhh our theme this year is Russian/folklore Christmas. Now I am not sure if what we did was what they do in Russia but that was not the point. It was what I think of when I think of my grandparents. I was also inspired by the book Uncle Vova's Tree. We used lots of black, gold and bright colors. As with all my Christmas themes there is so much I could have done but I had to narrow and pick things that worked for our family. 



    The vintage Santa collection is not Russian at all but we added woodland elements and the black paper to give it more of the feel Eastern European feel.



    We always make crafts to go with our theme. This years was little clay domed buildings and bright paper stars.






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Children of Eve

One word...L O V E is all I have for this post!


such a gorgeous post! all the best for 2014 :) x

Beautiful Christmas in your storybook home...blessings in the new year.

Brenda Nuland

So beautiful! I love all the color.

I've packed up Christmas already, Victoria is enjoying all the Rubbermaid boxes stacked in the family room ready for the garage shelves.

I think she sees them all a mountain just for kitties.


Oh so charming, Clarice! Thank you so much for sharing...

Tracy A.

What a lovely theme! I'm sure your grandparents would have loved it!


Pretty, pretty. How long do you like to keep your Christmas pretties up? You do such a beautiful job of decorating.


Lovely... Lovely... Lovely... Oh so pretty. What a precious idea, to have a different theme, each year.
And I especially love the little lady, on the right, of the last photo. :-)

Happy in-between-time,
'Here there be musing' blog

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