Stocking Up For Autumn and Winter
A Clean Cook, fifth in series

Happy 1st of Autumn

  Happy autumn

     It is the beginning of fall (even though I have been in fall mode for a few weeks ;-) and this is my favorite time of year: cold mornings, wood stove, Apple Day, leaves turning, lots of baking, soft flannel sheets, hot tea, oil lamps, crisp air with a touch of smoke, golden light, Susan branch Autumn book, dipping bees wax candles. So what is your favorite thing about autumn?


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Cozying with a good book and wrapped in a quilt. Pumpkin bread.


Soups and chowders for lunch, wood smoke, apple crisp.


Dear Clarice,

What a beautiful photo! Autumn is such a beautiful time of relief from the heat, and the leaves are so beautiful before they fall.
Oh yes, and who doesn't love Apple Day? :)




Happy Autumn, Clarice! Apples! Apples are my very best favorite Fall goodie!

Thanks for sharing...

Tracy A.

My favorite season! Heavy sky, geese, crisp air - love it!


Cozy throws, hot chocolate, apple crisp with custard sauce, and lighting a wood fire. Happy Autumn to you, Clarice.


Beautiful capture and Autumn is my favorite of the seasons too.
Thinking of you and wishing you the grandest of falls.
Jill 00

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