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Coke braclet

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I have been busy cleaning and installing new hardwear in my kitchen. Amazing how something so simple as new handles can make a big difference. Oh and I am making new lighting for the kitchen too. I will share soon! Oscar's is this Sunday, the girls and I always watch the red carpet and have appetizers. I am thinking maybe making some roasted red pepper bacon goat cheese truffles and pomegranate margaritas!!

    Hey I wanted to give a shout out to Kelli for this pretty, vintage coke bracelet. It will be a fun accessory this summer. Thank you!!

    Lastly I wanted to let you know I have made a project page. If you look under my banner to the right, you will see projects, just click on it. It is NOT everything I have made. I have been blogging a long time, there is a lot. But this is a list of some of my favorites. It is nice to see someones projects all in one place. Enjoy and let me know what you like to eat when watching the red carpet xox


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Great projects page. Many of them I remember. Your red carpet appetizers sound delish.


Have fun tonight watching the Oscars! I adore watching them, too. We will be having Japanese food. That bracelet is so fun! Enjoy! xoxo


Love the project page - I'm inspired!


Have a great weekend Clarice -- and Happy Oscar Watching!!!

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