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Books, I have been enjoying lately

  A fine romace

    Even though I am not a big reader (as a dyslxic, I find so hard to read. It takes a huge amount of focus and effort for me to read more than a pargraph at a time) I have been enjoying some great books this winter. Now, this first book is not even printed (so I have not read it yet :-) BUT I am soo excited I had to share in case someone did not know. Susan Branch has a new book,  A Fine Romance. Heck any new book from Susan I will buy but a book by Susan about England? Heck yeah, I am pre-ordering a copy!!!!


    Two books I especailly love are When Wanderers Cease to Roam and Le Road Trip By Vivian Swift. I love her snipits of life, things like watercolors of different types of dirt or fashion advice if you are in France (which is, do not worry about it. Be yourself). I have always wanted to do a journal like Vivian's and she inspires me. I actully bought a copy of When Wanderers Cease to encourge me in my own journaling. Check out her blog by the way!


   Another book I am curently reading is A Family in Paris by Jane Paech. It is a wonderful scrapbook about a families time in Paris, which is a subject I never get sick of reading about.My mother just wrote a review of this book on her blog.


    I also love Jamie Oliver's Great Britan cookbook. Well I love all of Jamies books but espically this book. Jamie know how to hit that perfect balence of creating true british food but giving it just a small twist to make it new but not too new. Lots of fun info about Britain. A good and yummy read!!


    As I have posted about I am big fan of homemade ice cream. It is soo much cheaper and tastes better. So I took a chance and bought Jenis Splendid Ice Cream and I am so glad I did. She has a unique take on homemade ice cream involving cream cheese. But the biggest reason I enjoyed this book is she gave me lots of ideas on how to bling up my own recipes. For example herb infusing cream before making the ice cream.

Some free on-line books, check out The 1800's Pioneer Handbook's. Very cool look at history.


Lastly, is a movie The Well Diugger's daughter. I watch this sweet movie on netflix instant watch.

"A well-digger Pascale, a widower living with his six daughters in the Provence countryside at the start of World War I. His eldest, Patricia, has returned home from Paris to help raise her sisters, and Pascale dreams of marrying her off to his loyal assistant Felipe. But when she's impregnated by a wealthy young pilot who promptly abandons her for the frontlines, Pascale is left to contend with the consequences."

I was drawn to the father and his love for his unwed, pregnant daughter. And his love for his family. There is a bit of language but nothing improper is shown. A sweet and touching story!


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Shelly Dowell

I can't wait for Susan Branchs new book! I'm not familiar with Vivian Swift but it looks right up my alley!


Well, these all look fabulous, Clarice! Lots of inspiration there! Enjoy! xoxo


What a unique and fun collection of books you've been reading. I think, like you, the Susan Branch book will be a "must have." Thanks for sharing your latest good reads.



Dear Clarice,

These all look wonderful; I always love your recommendations. I've been looking forward to Susan Branch's book, too; some day we'll make it to England!




Don't you just love it when you find you have friends in common? I followed Susan's journey around my home country and got not so much homesick as well, homelove, for dear old Blighty! I am really looking forwards to her book. I tried to preorder fom Amazon but it isn't showing up yet. Happy cosy February evenings reading around the fire.


Thank you for your recommendations - I'm always on the lookout for new books and new films!

Cathy in Maryland

What a great idea to share your books and films "likes"!

homespun living

Thank you Clarice, I always love your recommendations. I have added the movie to our queue...Debbie


Thank you, Clarice, for these wonderful recommendations! I shared this with Kiersten and we went through a fun search on journaling books on Amazon. I find my kids don't need to look at all of the "idea" inspiring books like I think I need to. They just go do it! They know there isn't a right or wrong way and they seem to have so much inspiration stored up inside them! (Maybe because they never had to go to Kindergarten? :) ) Anyhow, thank you! All of the books you posted look wonderful!


I'm pre-ordering the Susan Branch book, too. And I'm definitely checking out that movie. We just finished watching Random Passage from netflix, about some fishing families in Newfoundland in the early 19th century. The scenery is amazing. It was a Canadian mini-series.

Manuela@a cultivated nest

I will have to put the new Susan Branch book on my Amazon wishlist! I'll have to check out the Pioneer Handbook - looks interesting!

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