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Yay! Love this post. Fashion not only lifts us up but it has the power to lift up everyone we come in contact with throughout our day. People have actually told me that they look forward to seeing what I have on, and they have thanked me for it! Amazing what a bit of care on our part can do to make our little corner of the world a little brighter.

Linda Colantino

Glad you are better. Enjoyed your post. I'm afraid I spend more time on my doll's fashions and my home than I do on myself. Clothes just don't mean much to me. We are all so different.

Brenda Nuland

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

When I was in my late 30s and early 40s, my daughter and I dressed very much alike since we both loved to wear classic skirts and slacks sets in black, navy, white (accents), and red (accents).

Our biggest difference at the time was my love for colorful button up sweaters.

Now that I am in my late 50s, I still prefer the classic styles but about my mid-40s I discovered the entire color spectrum of the grey-blues. :)

I love it when women dress with their own style.


So glad to hear you're feeling a little better my sweet friend! I have to say iLOVE this post!!! I so agree with your style philosophy. After all "clothes are the dress that thoughts wear"!

"I am much more concerned how fashion makes me feel, as opposed to how I look."
Well put! Like you I dress for how the outfit makes me feel (comfort being primary hahahah). Again like you, I dress too young for my age (I will NEVER give up headbands..and if they have a pretty bow or big floppy flower on them all the better!). And body type...forget about it! I should wear taylored and streamlined but I'm always attracted to to flouncy and I wear them most of the time! I don't have any pinafores but aprons of all kinds have been my habit since Mike and I started our home nearly thirty years ago!
Again, what a great post and your sentiments are so well put!
P.S. those red Mary Janes scream "Clarice!".


Glad that you are back on your feet! I have put on weight in the past two years or so - many of the clothes hanging in my closet don't fit - and I'm loath to spend money on more - I think that there is an obvious solution - it's just doing it!


Glad you are getting better Clarice, I love quirky feminine clothes, often colourful and floaty. I would adore all of those items...especially the T-strap shoes and red/pink together.I was just thinking this morning that I cut out a red circular skirt last year and never finished sewing it up...I must hunt it out!

Mrs R

Clarice, I am glad that you are feeling better.

I'm afraid I'm not much of a fashionista but I do appreciate vintage feminine clothes. I love all the lace. :-)


I like your pins and your style. I'm mostly a jeans & T-shirt girl, but I love to dress up too! Get well soon!


Hello sweet Clarice! I love the gorgeous photos you shared! I also agree with your wise words! It is important how fashion makes us feel. If we feel good in our very own sense of style others will see it and like it too, but most importantly it matters that we feel happy about what we wear. Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl too! My style is so much like yours.. quirky, vintage very feminine, and yes, probably too youthful for my age... but I don't want to wear things that are for my age... they are not very pretty! We can dress youthfully and beautifully without it looking like we are trying to be 15! I love to put on something pretty everyday and I always dress like I am headed into town, even though I am staying at home everyday! Love all you wrote and shared sweetie! So inspiring and beautiful! Just like you!

I am so happy you are getting better. I love pinning too! It is so much fun and you can pin exactly what you love and what inspires you! I am glad you have been enjoying it too! Love you sweetie! Take care of yourself! xoxox Paula

Trendle Ellwood

Thank You! Allow me to be me! Great inspiration to just love and surround yourself with what you love.

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