Off On A Jaunt
Autumn Corners


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Fabulous finds! I really like the idea of using spaghetti to light candles...awesome!

Linda Colantino

The globes are so interesting. The spaghetti is a riot.


Dear Clarice,

Wonderful autumn ideas! I love spaghetti sticks for matches, but forgot about using them, so thanks for the reminder!



Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Lovin' what you love Clarice! That lentil recipe looks amazing...I had never heard of "tempering" the's on my "must try sooon" list! Thanks for sharing and inspiring (as always)!
Love, love, love!
P.S. Are you coming out any time soon???


I so love your Things I Love posts.
I always love them too!!
Smiles, Dottie


Wow -- they all look wonderful. But a spaghetti lighter? Who knew???

Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life

Great ideas! Those pumpkins are sooo cute!

Gumbo Lily

All great ideas, but I really like the spaghetti "matches." Cool!



great ideas, all of them.


Excellent ideas...thanks for sharing Clarice. Looks like our extended summer weather is ending soon...keep warm & cozy my friend!


Cathy Schultz

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try these recipes and I love the spaghetti tip!

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