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This weeks Pinterest is this beautiful homestead. I was looking for a picture of the lovely Norwegian town I live in. Poulsbo was founded by Norwegian immigrants in the 1880's. It is this tiny town on Liberty Bay, surrounded by Hood Canal and other body's of water. In essence I am surrounded by water. A wonderful way to live. In the summer I never want to travel because when the sun is out there is not a more beautiful place in the world. The green trees glow and the water is such a bright shade of blue. I was sure this photos was of Poulsbo, it looks just like the kind of old homesteads you see around here but it is in Norway. I guess Poulsbo really is a Norwegian town!!


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Karen Hoida

Peace dwells in this place.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

I could live here!

Gumbo Lily

It's a beautiful picture. If this is what Poulsbo looks like, I want to see it one day (and you too).


What a magical and beautiful photo! Sounds absolutely amazing! You live in such a lovely area - thank you for sharing a piece of it!


As an English girl, I had no idea how much the USA and Canada was influenced by Scandinavian immigrants until I moved to Norway- and then I went around saying - oh, thats just like in America/Canada! :)


How beautiful! Lucky girl for living in such surroundings - even if this isn't a picture from there!


I can so see you living in this house! It would smell wonderful; have lovely gardens; and very perfectly placed chairs for sitting and watching the water!


It's so beautiful and peaceful. I love the yellow paint colour. Poulsbo must be a lovely town if it resembles this photo.

Linda Colantino

Makes me homesick for Poulsbo and you! Missing you....

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