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Make a Paper Heart Doily

Paper doily00 

Wishes are the mother of invention. I was looking at my coffee table wishing I had a doily  with hearts on it. Of course that got me thinking and I came up with my own. I used the brown roofing paper (see I love that suff!! any hardware store should have big rolls of it). My original plan was this would just be the pattern and I would make one from oil-cloth (white with red poke-a-dots) but life is too crazy and that is NOT going to happen (I am lucky to get this post written). Actually I love the paper one. Really the sky is the limit, wrapping paper would be sweet too. It isoo easy, anyone can make one. Enjoy!!!

Paper doily 1 

1 trace a circle


2 cut out a heart and mark on each side of the heart where you want it to sit on the circle

Paper doily 2 

3 trace around the part of the heart above the circle. Using a ruler to help you, now trace a heart on the other side of the circle. Do this until, you get the desired effect you want.

Paper doily4 

4 cut out. You can use this use or use it as a pattern for oil-cloth or other paper or whatever you can think of!!! Too cool ha!!



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Children of Eve

Cute!-and you've given us plenty of time to it get done for Valentines Tea.


What a fun and easy craft! Plus, it looks SO pretty! Thank you, Clarice! :) Theresa xoxo


Dear Clarice,

How fun! We'll have to whip up a few of those; what a great idea.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.



The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice!

What a charming idea - so cute!


Linda Colantino

Hi Clarice...a very cute idea! I may have to steal this one.
I miss you.
Love, Linda

Gumbo Lily

Sweet! I think I'll cut a heart doily today!
Does the pretty plate magically appear after you cut a heart doily?



I love this simple project! It's cold & yucky here today so I think this is an awesome activity to do with the kids. Lisa



Junie Moon

What a brilliant idea; it's unique, pretty, and ever so clever!


Of course, I am drooling over the china. ;)

Tina Kay

I think this is a neat craft. Thank you for sharing.
Tina Kay

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