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Maire Claire Paper Runner

MC cloth3 

Happy New Year!! I have one last idea to share from this years Marie Clarie Christmas theme. I was perusing past issues and saw this beautiful linen tablecloth tied with gold ribbons. I loved the idea but I was NOT about to sew a cloth. I had no time for that. So this is my take on the cloth.

MC cloth 2 

I used roofing paper (which I LOVE, I mean this stuff is rocken!!!)  and spent an hour while the girls read to me cutting out triangles with rounded corners. I used the runner for Thanksgiving with bronze ribbon to go with the bronze pine-cones I made. But for Christmas I used bright, satin ribbons, hot pink, red and peacock blue. I loved how this paper runner turned out. Plus I was sick (as you know) and it was soo nice to have this done and just roll it out.

MC Table 

Also as you know I like to have some kind of ornament or gift for each guest to take home. As soon as I had decided on my theme I knew I had to do something with Bonne Mamman jars. To me they are veryyyyy Marie Claire. I decided snow globes would be fun. BUT I will be honest with you, these were a disaster. As I keep mentioning I was very sick, I had all the stuff out for a week to make the snow globes but they would not come together. Finally I had the girls design their own and I made the rest. They were not what I had in mind. BUT by Christmas dinner the water had turned brown on some of them. Things starting floating around. LOL, my mother noticed her reindeer's head floating around. Really we had a very good laugh, so they served their purpose I guess. But I will NOT make snow globes again! I loved this years theme but wish I had, had lots more time and money. I had a much bigger vision then I was able to create. But that is life xoxo

MC globe 3MC globe 2 


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What a great idea for your table runner! I'm with you on the snow globes -- I made them years ago -- once. Never again LOL!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Hahaha...I LOVE your no~sew adaptation Clarice. You are so clever my friend.


Oh my goodness Clarice! Thanks for making me smile :) You will never forget that one and it will always bring a smile to your face :)

Your runner is very sweet!
Have a blessed weekend!


Your creative resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me! The snowglobes may not have come together as you envisioned, but I suspect they are all the more memorable for their quirky eccentricities (aren't we all)? ;-)


Oh I had such a good laugh about the reindeer head floating around, goodness. Some times things just backfire on us don't they and teaches us we are not all that perfect all the time just human.


Oh, I'm still laughing! I'm sorry, but I can't help but think you've created a memory that will be remembered fondly forever and ever in your family Clarice. Just the thought of your mom's reindeer head will keep me chuckling all day! Oh dear! LOL!

Love the paper runner!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

That's too bad about the snowglobes cause they look so cute. But that'll make a fun Christmas memory to talk about!

Roofing paper! You're so clever! I'll have to look at some next time I'm in Lowe's etc. The runner is a wonderful idea!

I'm donating some issues of Marie Claire Idees to my library. I have Dec 2008, Sept 2008, June 2007, Mar 2007, & Dec. 2006. Let me know if you need any or all of these. I'd much rather send them to!




What cute and clever ideas, Clarice! I LOVE those little snow globes. I have many of those jars, as those are by far my favorite "store-bought" preserves. Now I know what I can do with the extras when I'm not making my own goodies! And your table runner is so pretty, too! Hope all is well - have a most wonderful day!!! xoxo Theresa

Gumbo Lily

Great table covering!

About the snow globes....I'm glad you're not afraid to share your project disasters. It's nice to know you're "REAL" and keeping it real for us!



no matter though...I think it looks absolutely divine and sweet. Just like you my dear.... How funny the head was floating around...I would have had a good laugh right along with you...Hugs,Mica


The runner is beautiful - what a creative use of roofing paper. And the snow globes will be remembered more now than if they had turned out perfectly. Another memory to laugh over.


How clever and I believe I like the paper better than fabric.
Secret: I wrap some of my soap in roofing paper!
Have a great day!

Julie Campbell

What a wonderful idea for the table--looks beautiful! I think your snowglobes are adorable--sometimes things just don't work out quite the way we planned, do they?! So glad you all got a giggle out of it--that's the best way to handle things like that!

Wishing you a beautiful day & a very Happy New Year--and hope you're feeling better!



Love the paper runner idea! And the snow globes look cute from the picture, anyways. I'm sure your girls had fun making them -- and really, making family memories is a far worthier goal than creating a picture perfect table (although it's nice to have both, ha ha).



Sometimes laughter is the best gift of all!

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