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I was inspired by Tatertots and Jello ruffled tree but I did mine a bit different. I wanted something neutral to go with Pierre and a book angel I made, I will share soon. I have to say I love the fayed edges and the rows of little silver pin heads.  It was very easy to make!!

1. Took plain linen and tore it into long strips about an inch wide.

2. I used a foam tree form. Instead of gathering the strips, I would make three pleats (pinched) in the fabric and used a sliver flat-head pin and pinned the tucks into the foam tree. One strip I pleated the fabric in one direction, then the next strip the other direction. I started with one strip and pinned around the tree, then I kept pinning a strip, going on each side of the center (instead of going one direction all around the tree) until I filled in the tree.

3. Glued (well I actually used tacky wax, so I can take it apart after Christmas) an antique cut-glass candle holder to bottom and inserted (with some glue) a wooden final to the top.

Click on picture below to really see the details.

Pleated tree collage 



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So Cute!!


So pretty!

Using a candle holder for a stand is brilliant!!!!!


This looks very elegant in person, very french. Love, Mom


yet another simply beautiful project. I love that you do simple, yet elegant decor..Hugs Clarice..Mica

Gumbo Lily

I like the idea of the pins holding the pleats so you can use your fabric in another application. You're so smart!



This is so sweet! i love a tattery old fashioned christmas! and with this color, you could leave it out through spring! It would even be pretty at easter!~!

Linda Colantino

Very cute Clarice...you must be feeling better. Craft your brains out!


This is just SO gorgeous!!! I love it. Very chic and elegant decor. Clarice - your next book should be about decorating with easy and fun crafts like this! Please oh please oh please! xoxo Theresa


So cute Clarice!
I love it!!
You are so talented...
Hope that you are having a wonderful day!♥

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