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Marie Claire Wreath

MC wreath 00 

So what is my Christmas theme this year?Let me say I picked this theme about 3 days before last Christmas. I dreamed about it, I know I am weird. My theme is Marie Claire Idees, you know the French craft mag. I did not want to do a "French" theme persay but what I think of is hallmark of this magazine. To me what Marie Claire does best, is to take simple things like a twig or a tin can and dress it up, take to the next level BUT knowing when to stop. Not too over the top. So that is my goal this Christmas. My colors are naturals (white, brown, black, silver) with punches of red, hot pink and peacock blue.

MC wreath 200 

Two weeks after last Christmas I made this wreath. It is about 350 cup-cake liners (a tip, cooks warehouses are a great place to buy a lot of liners, cheap). I pinned (but gluing would have been easier) them to a wreath form. Add a gorgeous ribbon, a vintage rhinestone pin and you have a classic.

MC wreath 4400 

I confess I had much more planned but then Wren happened,crafting sort of got set aside. But I have been able to create some of what I envisioned. Each day this week I will share a corner of my home and hope it inspires you xoxo


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Oh so pretty! Your house must just be lovely!


Pretty idea!


Dear Clarice,

Another sweet and pretty idea! I love your Christmas colors; so peaceful and serene.

May you have a blessed Sabbath.



Nancy Jane York

What a beautiful wreath, such a great idea and nice job you did.


So, so pretty!
Love your ideas!
Can't wait to see more!


I love the wreath, Clarice! Very elegant and chic! :) Theresa

Wayside Wanderer

I like the texture of your wreath a lot! Very pretty. And the idea of adding the rhinestone pin...well, I have a wreath I made this summer that I am going to go add a pin to right after I post this. Great idea!!!



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