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French Christmas Menu

Christmas menu 2010 

I thought with my French Marie Claire Idees theme, I should do a classic, elegant French dinner. This was a bit of a challenge because classic French cooking is time consuming and a bit fussy (in a good way  ;-)     but I am responsible for Christmas eve, Christmas morning and Christmas dinner, so I had to simplify. If I do not get better soon, I will have to simplify this menu even more  ;-o     I tried to capture the flavors and textures of classic French cusine. I have my trusty Mastering The French Art Of Cooking cookbooks at my side (although I am not sure if Julia would approve of my menu). C'est la vie, so what are you cooking ??  xoxo


Fish Mousse  Chive oil I plan on making this the day before.

Sorbet I will purchase at Mora

I am just making up the sauce as I go, the same w/ the endive.

My mother is making the green beans and cake

Simple salad of greens with fresh oranges and bits of brie w/ orange vinaigrette

Dessert is a simplified version of Julia Child's Los Gato's Gateau. This is am amazing dish, I made it about 26 years ago. I can still taste it but it is a lot of work. I just do not have the time w/ all the other cooking I am doing. So my plan is to layer meringue (bought from Trader Joes) with toasted hazelnuts and almonds, pastry cream and the apricot filling!!! I will let you know how it was!!

Plus on Christmas eve, I am making fish stew with lemon/garlic aioli, pasta, simple salad and bread. I am still planning Christmas breakfast. So that is my plan!!


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Perfectly yummy!


It all sounds wonderful. I just spent a delightful day at home and in the kitchen...and took some time to peruse this book thinking of you:
Around my French Table by Dorrie Greenspan
Take a look:
Take care and happy planning,
Joanne at Seasonal Hearth


Oh Clarice, I hope you feel better VERY soon. It's not fun to be ill this time of year. In any event, I'd love to feast on this delicious menu with you. Everything sounds divine! :) Theresa xoxo

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