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Candy jar 00

Well I will be honest, I am NOT happy with my china-cabinet but I am sharing it anyways. I was brainstorming what I had or could use that was cheap to bring on some pink and blue. I thought candy would be a great idea. But after redoing the cabinet a dozen times, I decided to just let go and accept it. Here are few glimpses.

Candy jar 00 

(I know this picture is upside down, see the footed bowl on the bottom, well top here)

One thing I am thrilled with is my pedestal candy jar I made. The top is a jar I had and the bottom a pedestal bowl turned upside down. It is held together with the tacky wax (but be supper careful, it is barely held together. I do not touch it. Just admire it from afar!!) I also love the red flocked Target wrapping paper for the background. I need to get some more!! I am off to dip pretzel sticks in dark chocolate and crushed candy canes, as Eloise would say, I absolutely loveeeeeeee Christmas xoxo

Chrst cabnit collage 


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So pretty! I love pretzels dipped in chocolate. Yum yum! :) I've been busy baking cookies - so far M&M cookies and oatmeal raisin. :) Theresa xoxo

Linda Macdonald

You have a great eye for this and I love your fun and passion - it really comes across in the posts. Keep it coming, please!


Oh Clarice -- it all looks so beautiful!


Hello! I am visiting from Lovely Little Cottage. I just love the red flocked Target wrapping paper!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

hahaha...I just LOVE Eloise too Clarice! I've watched it twice this season already. This candy dish is so clever...very smart of you...I wouldn't have guessed it was a composite! Also, so smart to use the red and white wrapping paper as background. You are a fountain of good ideas my sweet friend!


I've been loving all your great holiday ideas--thanks Clarice!



I think it looks wonderful!


well I love it...You always amaze me with your sweet simple decor...You are an inspiration..Hugs, Mica


I loveeeee seeing all that you've been up to! The jar is so clever, and I really like your wallpaper.

One idea that I have, that might make you like your display a little bit more, even though I like it as is, is to buy some of those sticky hooks that they make. You pull on the tab and they release sort? You could elevate your pictures a little bit using those. They would show up better, and add a little more symetry to your design.



That paper looks stunning. Love, Mom

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