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I have to say the blessing of being sick was, I was able to sit around and craft (and make up for the past year ;-). I had seen these angel wings somewhere, (pooh, I did not save where) and loved them. But I did not need something to hang on the wall but I need a vignette for my coffee table. I wanted it neutral to go with my no-sew burlap runner. I will be honest, this was a pretty time consuming project but I had lots of time and movies to watch while I worked.

Book Angel 200 

I am not sure how Simple Joys made her wings. I rolled and glued a bunch of pages from an old book, I had cut into small squares. I cut a shape of wings I wanted out of cardboard and glued the paper cones one at a time to the cardboard, until I liked the look. Printed up my favorite word and glued gathered, old lace behind it Then I glued the whole thing to the wings. I tore strips of linen and wrapped it around a foam tree. Pinned the wings on and a mother-of-pearl button to the top,waalaa. I am so happy with my little impromptu vignette. You never know when creative opportunities will happen A month ago I was worrying what I would have form my theme this year and now look at me ;-)    xoxox

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The Pleasures of Homemaking

I love all three pieces! LOVE the angel wings!



Lovely! Hope you are feeling better.


I love your candy jar you created and your coffee table display. But I really came by to tell you how absolutely YUMPTIOUS your candy cane syrup is. I just made a batch this afternoon and I'm going to make more batches to share with friends and neighbors. Thank you so much for this inspired recipe.


Beautiful colors, sweet crafted pieces, Clarice!


I am loving your simple, yet beautiful Christmas decorations! Hope you are feeling better soon!



Just gorgeous! I love how you displayed all three of these beautifully hand-crafted items together. Seriously - time for a craft book, Clarice!!!! xoxo Theresa


All 3 of these pieces are wonderful in their own way. Together they make a spetacular display, so creative and different. Love them.

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