Marie Claire Wreath
Pierre, The Thread Snowman

Big Christmas Flowers

M C flowers00 

M C flowers 200
Instead of a traditional centerpiece for my dinning table, I decided to hang huge paper flowers over the table. They are a Martha Stewart kit. Again very Marie Claire to me, just simple paper but makes a huge statement. Red and pink, that we painted the edges silver. I think they are fun.I have to hand it to Chloe, she was the only one brave enough to get on the high ladder and tape these flowers to our 10 foot ceiling's. Thank you sweetie, they are rocken. I will be back tomorrow, unless the rains flood us out xoxo

Check out this Marie Claire blog for inspiring ideas!!



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Oh, I love them! Bravo to Chloe for climbing so high!


Dear Clarice,

Sooo pretty! What a brave girl Chloe is. I don't know how high the ceiling is in our "parlor", but I'd be scared to get up there and hang anything up! ;)




Pretty paper flowers are so much fun. Yours are gorgeous.

Dianntha Lessig

So I have been seeing tutorials on the net for these but wow they look wonderful. You are so creative. Dianntha

Gumbo Lily

What a chic idea! Lots of color and cheer with paper! I like it.



these would be perfect for The feast of Guadalupe (today)!
Where do you buy the kit.


these are so beautiful and festive! love the colors!~


I have always been a paper flower girl!
Love your large hanging blossoms!


Wow - they are beautiful, I should definitely give this a try some time. :) Theresa xoxo

Sherry Stoll

Those are gorgeous!

Maryann Hughes

Love the hanging flowers......can Chloe come and hang some in my dinning room too xoxox

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