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No-Sew Gathered Burlap Runner


I wanted a burlap runner with a gathered edge, which is not that hard to make. But I am always thinking of those who hate sewing, like I use to (and still do some days) and wanted to create a simpler version. I have to say this was sooooooo easy (did I get enough o's in there). Really and I think it turned out charming!!!!


Burlap runner 


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The Pleasures of Homemaking

So cute and very clever! I've been wanting to make burlap runner since forever. By the time I finally get to it they'll probably be out of style :)!


Gumbo Lily

I like the rustic burlap mixed with the glass and candlesticks.



What a great idea!
It's sooooo (sew) simple too!



cleaver and so natural. I love it...it looks great in your home...Hugs,Mica


That's an AWESOME idea! It looks so wonderfully countrylike. And I especially love the "no-sew" part! ;) Theresa xoxo


Charmingly rustic Clarice:-)


Very clever Clarice! But, say it ain't sooooo -- hating sewing is not on the calendar!


What a clever idea! I love how rustic it is!


Great minds are thinking alike - I am working on a burlap runner myself. Hope to have the tutorial up later this week.
Yours is charming - and easy!


love it!

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