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Wren Bay, So Which Cover Do You Like?

WrenBay Cover A

Wren bay cover B

Yeah, I am just about to order an actual copy of Wren Bay and if all goes well, I will have books to sell in a couple of weeks. But I need your opinion on the cover. I know the differences are small, but hey, it is all in the details. So tell me which do you like better A or B? I hope you like the photo, I am in-love with it.

Thank you xoxox


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Cathy Santarsiero

OK, I know I'm late here and either one would be lovely, but I like the top banner in B and the deeper contrast in A. But either are really perfection, as are you my friend. xo xo


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love the cover photo! For some reason I keep going back to A.

How exciting!


Plain and Joyful Living

Oh, can't wait to learn more of your book - congratulations.

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Hello Clarice~ A or B either are wonderful and have captured you. I can't wait for your book to become available. Where will we be able to purchase a copy?
I'm sooo looking forward to the release, as I'm sure you are more so!!

How are you enjoying our PNW weather? It has me very distracted from updating my posts, but our sunshine is so fleeting I just want to relish every minute.

Thanks for your company...I'm always thrilled when you stroll in for a visit.

Sweet wishes,


both are wonderful .....

But I like B a wee bit more...

Hope you are having a wonderful summmer...



I like A.


A - congrats!

Christine LeFever

I guess I'm not good with details, because they both look exactly alike. Is there something I'm missing?


I vote for A. I am so excited for you.
Happy Wishes,

Sharon D.

Clarice how beautiful! I love your photos :) After giving these a alot of looks the past couple of days I vote for A :) Thanks for sharing with us :)

Have a beautiful day!


Love the photo!!!! My little eye likes B!!!! Whichever is beautiful though. Hugs,Mica Can't wait!!!


Definitely B - I like the way the title blends in better with the photograph. It doesn't look as stark. Congratulations, Clarice! This is just SO exciting!!!! Theresa :)


Hi..I'm leaning towards B..

All the best!


The cover photo is soooo YOU! What is that chippy piece on right, with the XO tag ~ is it a vintage framed photo? I'm leaning toward banner B. (Is the title banner the only difference)?


Since the differences are too minor to notice, I'd say it really doesn't matter. Go with your favorite.

Pearl Maple

B, distressed and vintage banner seems to finish the theme

Congrats it is a huge accomplishment


I'm going with A...beautiful photo!

Deb L

I like B best- the little touches on the title banner really make it pop!


I like A, but it's what you, the author, like best that really matters. Based on either cover I would pick up the book even if I didn't know the author!

Mrs. Sensibility

I like the distressed look on the title banner on B best. I also like how more of the background picture displays above the banner. Lovely job! Congratulations!


I like B.


Okay, I feel like a loser. I can't tell the diff. Is this a trick question?? I looked 3 times. Although it is very early & I haven't had my coffee yet. So my choice is..which ever one you like. Afterall, it's your first book cover. All I'm worried about is getting my hand on one ASAP. Lisa


First, Congratulations on getting so close to the final moment!
I like the photo of A, but prefer the larger font on B.
So excited for you friend.
Still haven't sent that package yet!
I'm working on it though.

Jill 00


Lovely cover! I prefer A. I like it a tad bit darker & bold.

Andrea Thieck

I prefer A. The header is more eyecatching.


I like B best!
I can't wait for it to be done! :)


Gumbo Lily

I had to really look for the difference. I like the title banner in A best. It's clear and crisp. Sweet picture for a cover.



B. :)


Gorgeous photos, Clarice! I really like the shading on the top of B.


I can't tell the difference -- I'm thinking I need new glasses! ;-) It's beautiful though!

Nancy Jane York

Photo A but it's very hard to see the difference. Very beautiful I love the color combination.


I like A the best --- mostly because I think the lettering in the header catches the attention of lookers best.


I am so glad that someone stated what the difference is! I guess this shows how observant I am as I couldn't see a difference!!

I do love the photo- the birds eggs and pretty butterfly in a nest- those old canning jars and silver- just charming!

bee blessed


Yep! Me, too! I like B the best for the same reasons as the other ladies!
Can hardly wait!

Kim at Thistle Dew

Hi Clarice! I like "B" the best! The shading on the banner seems to give a little more solidness to the top of the design, and the lettering seems to "pop" a bit more.

Love the photo!

Kim :-)


I like B. Love the darker bottle color in A but think that overall B shows up better. I do like the photo a lot.

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