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Flower Bag

Flower bag 5

Oh look at the AMAZING crochet flower bag,(The link to the pattern is on my mother's post) my mother made me for my birthday. She made this bag for herself and I fell in-love with it. It is perfect for carrying around large knitting projects I am working on. If you crochet, I do not think it was hard. You start at the bottom, crocheting in a circle. The bag has a lovely lacey edges and flowers where each of the handles attach to it. Thank you mom, I really do love it. You are the best xoxoxoxo

PS, Thank you Chloe for letting me dress you up and making you pose. (You have to admit, with your suede knee-high boots, it is a killer outfit ;-) You are the best model xoxo

Flower bag 6

Flower bag 22222


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Gumbo Lily

What a fun bag! Sweet model too.


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Chloe is the perfect model! Your mom did such a wonderful job on that bag! I love it! I love the pretty edging and the rosette. Lucky you!!


Oh darn it Clarice,

This is the third time I've tried to comment. I want to be sure to let your talented Mom know when MY birthday rolls around.

Chloe looks great. She is a natural.

One last try here,

Sharon Lovejy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


Sharon D.


The bag is adorable! Your Mom did a wonderful job. I think that your model is perfect! I love what Chloe is wearing :)

Thanks for sharing Clarice and have a beautiful day :)


wonderful indeed ...that looks like it hasa lot of room...I loveit... and your beautiful daughter rocks in her outfit posing like a model..woot... awesome! Hugs,Mica

Lora @ my blessed life

So pretty! I love the flowers:)


Pretty,pretty, pretty!


I LOVE that pattern -- you lucky duck. Your mom did a beautiful job!


Thanks Clarice!
You are pretty talented yourself.
Cute bag! I see where you get your talent from.
Enjoy your week,


Such a pretty bag your mom made. And your daughter's outfit is indeed a killer one!


What a pretty bag and pretty girl! Chloe was a good model :) hope you had a lovely birthday!~


It's a beautiful bag, Clarice! You can certainly fit many treasures into it. Your mom did a fine job. And your daughter made a lovely model. :) Theresa

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