Okay, Clarice, Share The Secret Already
Coco Chanel Inspired Candle

Killer Finds


Gosh ladies, thank you for the overwhelming support of Wren Bay. I feels so love !!! I hope you love Wren as much as I do. I will share more soon.

I have been good for a while and not bought anything for my home. I have soo much already and I am trying to be happy with what I have. BUT when your girlfriend calling you Sunday morning at 9.30 and tells you, you need to get dressed and come down to this sale now because everything screams you and is dirt cheap, well you listen. I am soo glad I did. I got all this for $21.00 buck. The cottage dishes will make the sweetest table with my little cottage biscuit box. Another cottage print (it is a Helen Alingham) and who could say no to such, a beautiful, shabby, curvey large platter. Thank you Angie for calling me.

So this is the middle of the week for us. All Memorial day means for us is overtime !! But I would love to hear you plans. I can live vicariously through you xoxo




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Beautiful blog. I came over from Laura Frantz's blog and I love your beautiful format and your title. :)

marylea @ Pink and Green Mama

Just beautiful! Those dishes were meant to live in your cozy cottage.
My daughter's "E" and "C" love my vintage cottage prints hanging in our hallway and always remark that we're all going to live in a cozy little art cottage someday weaving on my grandmother's loom and living an artful life.

pink and green mama

PS my grandmother's name is Clarice and is a very special family name to us. : )


Great finds!
I have the exact white platter hanging on my bedroom wall. :)


GREAT finds!! I especially love the oval platter!!
I need to work on not spending and adding to our already full house. Lilly was watching the Christian tv channel last Saturday{they have cartoons and such} and it was about contentment. She turns around to me-in her five year old wisdom-and says, "Mommy, you're not content, because you buy too much stuff." Ouch...that hurt coming from her, and that she recognized it.
Hope you have a great day!! We will be cleaning out and decluttering.


Boy, I guess you DO have big news. How fun -- your book sounds wonderful. Congratulations!!! And your dishes are perfect -- what a great find!


Beautiful treasures & all for only $21!! That makes them even better, doesn't it?:)


Fabulous Finds! Just perfect...love the back:
England's Countryside....so lovely!

Gumbo Lily

Oh, I just love the cottage dishes! Perfectly perfect for you and your Storybook House. What a nice friend Angie is!


Tracey McBride

such well~deserved blessings for a blessed soul Clarice!!! Your kind friend was sooo right...they all absolutely "scream" "CLARICE". What finds!!!
Love and hugs,


Dear Clarice,

I don't blame you for indulging in a few pretty dishes, especially with a friend for an alias!

I hope everyone's health is better now, and that spring is warming up nicely for you with lots of sunshine.




What wonderful finds - enjoy!


Sharon D.

How beautiful Clarice!!! Lovely finds and a great price! We have church tomorrow and do some yard work, Monday I will be helping my honey with work and maybe in the evening head to a friend's for a cook-out. We'll see how tired we are. Regardless, I will be maiing some Marshmallows tomorrow too!

Have a great weekend!


Some people have all the luck! They are just beautiful - what a lovely table setting they will make. Thanks for sharing.



The plates are SO lovely, Clarice! :) Your friend was right - what a great find. My shoulder was aching badly today, so we switched our plans twice today! LOL We were to go to an art show, then mini golfing. We opted instead to take a nice nature walk, dine on Indian buffet for lunch, then go to a farmers market. Tomorrow, we're having dinner with a friend and going to see a movie ("Letters to Juliet"). Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Theresa :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh my gosh! I so totally love those dishes!!! What a deal - now I'm jealous~smile! Love the curvy platter too and the cottage print. I think it was so worth going to that sale and you really got very good deals for what you spent!



Colorful fun finds. Love it all. What a nice friend to call you for the hunt. I've been good lately too. hmmmmmm


I heard about these. They couldn't be more perfect for you. Love, Mom

Selia Renzetti

Dear Clarice,

Love your treasures! The little cottage pictures are just lovely as are the dishes! I am so excited for you about your book!!!! I hope you and your dear family have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!



Oh such lovely shopping, lucky you! And another of the local celebrities from my home area,100 years ago! I too have a little collection of Allingham prints, and some of the little "Favourite recipes" books that are illustrated with her pictures..eg F.R. from the Kitchen Garden. They are a very inexpensive and quite delightful little series of old-fashioned recipes from all over Britain/Ireland published by J.Salmon Ltd. (Not all are illustrated by H.Allingham though!)
What a beautiful china service, does it have a makers mark? Love, Gill xxx


I love your dishes... really love them!! I love to collect dishes, I keep an eye on Ebay for pieces for several partial sets. And always looking for smething new.

Enjoy them!


What wonderful treasures :)

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