Shades Of Summer
Shades of Summer Table


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Thank you for sharing this, Clarice. Nooma also have videos on YouTube



I wanted to share the movie with some friends but after browsing the site it said you have to pay to watch? I watched it there without being charged but I didn't want to email links without clearly understanding if my friends would be charged. Can you help me with this? Thanks, Jen



I was moved by the video and given reinforcement on how blessed I really am.
Thanks for sharing.

Debbie, so true! I loved this. Thank you so much!!


That was really good. I'm going to have to listen to it again. I was having a hard time tracking the words with the pictures doing something else. There were a few ideas in there though that made me think, like opening your life up. Tell Auberne I loved it. Love, Mom

Junie Moon

I'd not heard of NOOMA before; thank you for sharing this video (and please thank Auberne`, too).


I appreciated this very much, Clarice. I think about these things everyday, but I don't always have the words to express them. I never take anything for granted in my life, and I am indeed, blessed.

Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed my visit here today, so very much. Between the Mary Jane Farm video, your lovely vignette, the recipe, and this video, I have found a wealth of inspiration. Thank you.


Those NOOMA videos look at life from interesting angles. Very refreshing.



Dear Clarice,

That was amazing...thank you for sharing!



Thank you for sharing this dear Clarice! I was blessed, too!

Love, Paula

Gumbo Lily

I'm blessed, like you.
Thank you, Clarice.


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