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That's one gorgeous teapot!

Ali @ Moon Garden


I love this idea Clarice. Would you mind if I joined in? I'm feeling a little bit low on energy for blogging right now, and this would be fun to participate in, I think.

I love that teapot, too. Pansies are so pretty and old fashioned.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Clarice: The teapot is exceptional!


Dear Clarice,
You photo is gorgeous, as always! I love your "Spring Purple" vignette! The teapot is so beautiful! I love the sweet pansies. The teacup and saucer and books are all so very pretty!!!!

Thank you for sharing such loveliness!
Love, Paula


this is so beautiful...
what a wonderful picture...


Clarice, I collect teapots and that one is beautiful!! What a treasure!

Lavender Dreams

Very pretty! I think I see hues of Lavender in that lovely tea pot, too!


Very pretty Clarice!

Junie Moon

Your idea is so lovely, such a gentle way to celebrate spring. What could be better than enjoying a cup of tea from your mother's beautful teapot and perusing that sweet book. Your tea cup is pretty, too.

Gumbo Lily




Dear Clarice,

What beautiful pansies!

The book looks inviting, too.



Love the color purple.

Jill xoo

the pleasures of homemaking

I can see why you like it - it's really pretty!



Very pretty - much appreciated as I am looking out the window at cool, gray skies!

Sharon D.


I can see why you are coveting it :) It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to your vignettes, you have such an eye for decorating :) Have a great day!


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