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Swetpea, Petunia and Miss. Berry

Miss sweetpea

Auberne` has made strawberry softies for her shop, Greenwood Sisters.

Miss. Berry is a deeper red strawberry with pale pink eyes

Petunia is a bright red strawberry with lavender eyes

Sweetpea is a bright red strawberry with light blue eyes

All softies are hand sewn with wool felt. I had to up the price of the softies, because shipping was a more then we thought. They are $8.00 w/ free shipping

Good job sweetie xoxox

Miss Petunia



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Selia Renzetti

Great job Auberne'! They are just adorable!


The girls have been busy, haven't they? I think the sfutted berries are delightful.

Ah, yes shipping just went up. I guess to be expected.

Jill xoo


Miss Berry is way to cute....


Jean Tuthill

Very cute!

the pleasures of homemaking

They are just adorable!



This makes me crave for May to be here, fresh strawberry picking time. They all look like happy little berries.


Those are the cutest softies and I love their names, too!


I forgot to say, I love their sweet names!


Dear Clarice,

I love them, they are so sweet!!!! Auberne` is so creative!

Love, Paula


Sooo the expression! Happy Sat! cherry

Gumbo Lily

Very cutsie pootsie!


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