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Sweet Cottge Dreams

Such pretty and cheerful things there! I LOVE that little chair with the millinary on it. cutie pie!!



It's gray and rainy here in Connecticut today. So thanks for the lovely signs of spring. You've brightened my day!

Pearl Maple

Darling post missed the pillow parade but really enjoyed your post, it fills me with renewed inspiration to tackle unpacking moving boxes and making this space a home.

Mermaid Debbie

Clarice, your pictures are beautiful. This is my first visit to Story Book Woods. I will be back!


Spring has definitely arrived inside your house, Clarice! Beautiful pictures!


The pillow made by Paula is my favorite! Love your collection of spring.

And thankyou for your encouraging comments a while back about keeping the doors to my blog open for all...I am so glad that I did. You are such a blessing.


I love that cup too, and I do think of you. Everyday.

All of your things are so pretty, Clarice. I think my home needs a makeover, and more color.

P.S. It is so NOT lame!


Happy beginning of Spring!


The towel dated 1962......what day of the week is March 18? It's the day I was born....same year! I guess I never did know what day of the week I was born! :-) Never thought about it before!


Thanks for sharing a taste of spring with us!

Mica Garbarino

I can feel it right throgh the screen... how beautiful....you would never know that there wasn't Spring outside your home by ther looks of the inside !! Hope you will fins Sprig awaiting outdoors soon !!! Hugs, Mica


I love the pink roses pillow but I also love the teacup.. great combo on spring time!.. have a nice day!


Hi Clarice, I have a couple of the little chairs like yours. I adore them! Can you tell me anything about them--when made, what they were used for? I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Mona


Love your pillows, but I want the teacup!


Such a cute post - I adore the bird nest. ~ Robyn


Love your signs of spring, and your pillow is darling!

Happy Pillow Parade Tuesday...


Sheila :-)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, I love that fabulous little chair!

Gumbo Lily

I'm craving spring too. For now, we have snow, but I know it'll melt down fast enough. I did hear a robin chirrup as I walked home from the barn! That's good news!


Melissa (Missy)

Lovely pillow and items of spring.


AnXiously awaiting spring here too! I hope the snow doesn't hurt the daffodils and tulips, just beginning to poke their leaves up into this c-c-cold.

Love your springy photo collage and what a pretty pillow ~ so feminine. I joined in K&K's parade too. Fun!

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Great fabrics! Jen


Clarice, I am yearning for Spring too.
We are having yet another bout of cold winter air move through.
The little chair, I have one similar. Did you know a little perfume bottle, I believe Chantilly used to come with the chair and flowers?

I love all of your Spring vigenette's.

Jill xoo


Oh, such a sweet springy post!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)


Beautiful items. I think that pincushion chair is so cute. I have a "thing" for chairs...big and small!

kari & kijsa

Oooohhh...we are looking for those signs of Spring..anxiously awaiting! Your pillow is beautiful and that little pincushion chair is amazing!!
Thanks for joingin in teh parade!
kari & kijsa


Spring retreated yesterday with SNOW falling for several hours here. And this morning is cold, but clear. Sigh.
I pulled out a spring pillow today to add a little spring around the house.
Your touches of spring are oh, so pretty. The teeny tiny chair is adorable.



Dear Clarice,

Oh, I LOVE your signs of spring!!! Your photos are so pretty and I love all the pretties you took photos of! I am so glad you like your pillow!!!

I have a very special cup too!

Love you, Paula


Oh, Clarice, it looks like you found some spring! Very pretty!!! What flower is that pictured? The purple one? It's beautiful!!


Flickr to the rescue! No sign of spring here either. Love that "Think of Me" tea cup!

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