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the pleasures of homemaking

I saw the news this morning...I can't even imagine.... Beyond sad!




I'm adding Becky to daily prayers.

I am so sorry to hear such sad news.

Jill xoo

Mica Garbarino

I am so sorry to hear this news. This is a fear I am sure all mothers have...for their children to pass away before them. That is one of my fears anyway. I am praying for her & her family that they will find comfort in God & their family & friends. Blessings, Mica


Hi Claric,
I just found out about the very sad news.
I am keeping Becky and her family in my prayers.

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Dear Clarice, thank you for telling us. I went over and left a tiny message. -sigh-

Aunt Amelia

Lavender Dreamer

I am keeping her in my prayers, too. Thanks for the post and the concern of friends.


I will remeber her and her family in my prayers-I cannot even begin to imagine the pain they all must be going through.
My heart aches for her.


Oh my, how sad. As a mother I think this would tear my heart in shreds. I'll pray for God's comfort and peace for Becky and her family.



I have been praying for Becky. Such saddness --- I cannot imagine her pain. May God bring her comfort.


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