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Margaret Sorrell

Hi, I enjoyed seeing your site.I remember a library book from my childhood (about 1971) in which a little girl puts out a julenek for the birds. Do you know which book I am remembering? I would love to find a copy of it for my children to see. Thanks, Margaret Sorrell in Georgia

Selia Renzetti

Dear Clarice,

How wonderful that Chloe will be Saint Lucia! I know she is very excited and this is a memory that she will cherish. Thank you for everything that you have shared in this amazing post!



Now I really am envious Clarice, yourtown sounds enchanting and the Viking/Scandinavian atmophere must be fantastic. I'm familiar with many of the items you listed as we have strong Viking link in our area also but nothing as colourful and memorable as yours. I will look forward to more pics soon. Tell Chloe...once whe has got over the excitement I'm expecing a view of her doll house decorated for Christmas... perhaps ith a few Carl Larson pictures on the wall!! Love Eli


I've never thought of doing a St. Lucia unit study, but with 5 girls, I think it would be a big hit. Thanks for sharing!
Love, Wendy

PS Thanks also for checking out Caroline's blog. Sorry neither you or your daughter won the purse. Maybe next time!

Tracey McBride

My Grandmother was Swedish...both her parents immigrated to the United States around the turn of the last these stories speak to me very much. I love the Swedish style of decorating and the folk tales and Saint Lucia day on December 13th...the hot cross buns...the cookies and light crown on the eldest daughter. Thank you for sharing your Scandinavian adventure with us! I love all your projects and resources. You are amazing.


wow, what a fabulous post Clarice, I can only imagine all the work that all took !! I learned so much myself!! Thanks for sharing such interesting in detail, I wish you were my teacher!! :)
Thanks so much for your sweet comments too! Happy Holidays!

Hugs, Cynthia


Dear Clarice,
Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information and links.
Love, Paula

Lavender Dreamer

What a wonderful post...full of links to enjoy! I did save the paper dolls! THANKS!

Cathy Santarsiero

Thanks for posting all of that lovely information, Clarice! What beautiful traditions. Have a lovely week. Warmly, Cathy ^..^

Gumbo Lily

This really is a wonderful unit study, Clarice. I wish I had young ones to do some of the projects with. I may take an idea or two for myself.



Clarice, you mean Chloe will be on the boat? The real thing? When, I want to see her.


What a wonderful unit….

I love reading about what homeschool families do to bring
lessons alive.

A few years ago my son in laws 4th grade class got together and decided that each child would give him a
gift that represent their holiday family traditions…

It was wonderful , he received a peppermint Pig, Wok, a pickle ornament, books,
woven paper hearts, English poppers….and more.
He bought some of the items over on Christmas day so that as a family we could
Share some of his class traditions … it was the best and with each gift there was
a little note from the student explaining the tradition. I think it’s a class he will always remember…


Chloe must be so excited to be Santa Lucia. I love those old traditions from Europe. They say much about celebrating with meaning.
I just looked on a map to find Poulsbo and see that you are not too far away from me (Victoria). We're probably "enjoying" the same rainy weather today.



This is such a wonderful post filled with great ideas, Clarice!


Ohhhh, how special that Chloe is St. Lucia this year! I'm so glad I have had the joy of meeting her and being to your home, so I can picture it all. Your unit study is perfect! Great job, teacher-mom!



This is a wonderful resource Clarice. I live in a part of our city that was settled by Swedish and Norwegian immigrants, so I'm very familiar with many of these wonderful traditions. It's such a wonderful culture, I think.

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