Where Else Can I Put A Pom-Pom ?
I Can Not Leave One Spot Undecorated


Owl tree 2 

I just love my owl trees with the wool owls the girls and I make. I tried to keep everything neutral white, gold, silver, with just a touch of robins egg blue. I had planned a garland with this beautiful variegated blue ribbon I had. But I just did not get to it. More ideas then I have time.

A Tip.Group a lot of something you have for Christmas. Even if it is not Christmasy, like owls or red china, it will work. Use what you have oxox 

Owl tree 

Shoe room


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The owls are lovely :0)

We have a little white owl nestled away on our tree too.

LiBBy BuTTons

Wonderful woodland display.You do everything so enchantingly .


Your owl window is beautiful. I love it. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Clarice, David, Chloe and Auberne. Thanks so much for your friendship; it means the world to me.


Sweet Cottage Dreams

How cute and I love your tip! Such a pretty and natural setting you have here.



Not only are your decorations lovely, but so are your windows. I always love seeing them--you could just do a post full of pictures of your unique windows and I would be enchanted! :) Thanks for the inspiration--I really should buy a little tree or two... Blessings, Debra


Everything looks so pretty! I really like the wreath-so chic!



I love the entry way, especially the owl tree.
I know you're staying warm and Christmas cozy in your Storybook home.

Jill x00


I love it! (I couldn't comment yesterday) Everything looks so lovely.


So cozy looking! I agree, it seems a collection of something makes such a nice set up.


Those owls are so wonderful! They remind me of the ones that Tasha Tudor used to make. I'd love to know how to do that. Now I think that every Christmas tree should have a wise old owl living amongst it's branches.

All of your decorations look so pretty. I love the finger knitted garland in the post down below, and your gingerbread men tags too.

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully, you can just relax and enjoy the snow falling and the lights on your tree. It's been such a cozy few days here in our part of the world. Take care!

Jennifer Paganellli

It's all so charming Clarice...


I love your owl trees! They are so cute. I found out my son-in-law is giving my daughter a white owl (it's not real but it sure looks like it). They have an old glass dome that was his grandfathers and he is putting the white owl in it and giving it to her for Christmas! What a lovely gift.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Beautiful Clarice! I love your windows and how you decorate for the seasons.

Very nice. :)

the pleasures of homemaking

Oh the owls are so cute! Such a sweet idea. Your entry looks lovely!



I love all the "woodsie" goodness!



Love the decor --- can just picture the whole thing in my mind. Just perfect!

And are you feeling better today? I hope so! Happy Christmas to you and yours!


Gumbo Lily

I would just love to go on a walk-about through your Christmas House, Clarice. It's truly enchanting. I've seen your wool owls before and I adore them. I wonder if you'd ever consider a tutorial on them?

Merry Christmas,

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! I absolutely love the owl trees! And that last photo...amazing colors! So nice to meet you!

Selia Renzetti


You and the girls have done a wonderful job on the owls! I love them! Your windows are just absolutely beautiful...

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