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So here I promise to get my blog back on track and my laptop up and dies. I lost everything. Photos, sites, my baking issue template and master (that one kills me) and so much more. Now I have to start all over again. So I am asking you to be a bit more patient with me. Hopefully I can post more Autumn corners, before Christmas : -0 Clarice-who family thinks her laptop is her umbilicalcord to life. I am so sad xoxoxoxo

PS. thank you for all the kind comments. I did have a choice to back up my hard drive, but  $100.00 to do it, is just more then we can afford right now. Also I do still have my baking issue for sale, I just lost the master copy and templates. Let us just hope I never need to fix or change anything. Thank you dear readers, you are much to sweet to me.

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Oh Clarice I am so sorry and unfortunately can so relate. My brother in law is letting us borrow his computer for now, I want to try to get the old one fixed (think it's the motherboard) after the holidays and then by myself a laptop eventually.
We literally settled into the new place and kaput. Instead of dwelling on how much I lost (everything), I've been trying to remind myself I gained a lot now being able to hop on with every whim. I have a lot of whims. LOL.

I hope you are working with a fabulous computer now.


Wow! Clarice that is horrible! Even as little as I do on the computer, I would be devastated. Can you actually get everything back? Love you, Christy


Oh Clarice I am so sorry....I wish my son in law was here..he works out your way and he is fully qualified on all things computer I am sure I could have bribed husband does my fixes but boy is it frustrating...and yes..I do think I am hooked to my laptop, Della....
She is my lovely friend, somewhat trustworthy and yet can have her *days* ahhhemmmmm....

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
I am sorry to hear about your computer. I know what you mean, mine is like my life line to the outside world, and all my lovely blogging friends! Hope you will be back online soon!


good morning, hope you dont mind I have tagged you, you can find the rules on my blog. blessings Jan x

Susan P.

Oh no, Clarice, I feel so so sorry for you. I think I would have balled. Don't you worry about us, we'll all be here when you come back. Lots of love, Susan P.


I hope you get your computer stuff back soon.
So sorry to hear about that, the same thing happened to me last year about this same time.
I have been away for the weekend, and I am just catching up with the blogs.
So very sorry,


How frustrating! I've had many computer mishaps, too. But I'm sure you'll get up and running again soon. (Maybe it was a sign to take a little break?) Lately, I've started to back up important work that I can't bear to lose on a little flash drive. (The one-gig size doesn't cost a lot.)
Good luck with everything,

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
I feel your pain. I spilled a bottle of water yesterday on our new laptop (less than 2 months old) and ruin it. We took it to the shop and there is no way to fix it. So now I am using the old laptop.
I have been enjoying lots of Apple Days.


Dear Clarice,
I feel and know your pain. I'm soooo sorry!

But you will see how refreshing starting over can be, let's about five years. ;)



I am so very sorry you are having to go through the computer mess.

Hang in there, it will get better.

Jill xoo


OH ouch!!!!!

I had this happen twice,
and I know it's devastating…

I am so sorry,



Oh no, Clarice. Like everyone else who has posted, I feel terrible that you lost things precious to you when the laptop keeled over. I hope that you are able to reconstruct what you can without it being too frustrating and painful.

Thinking of you!


Poor dear! I'm sorry for you and I hope you'll be able to rescue your files soon. I know my computer guy could retrieve them for you, but he's a long way from you. Maybe God will send someone.

Don't dismay, we're still visiting here. It's always fun to see what's new at Storybook Woods.


Debi so sorry about this....I know how you feel....same thing happened to me a few months ago! Do you still have the messed up hard drive?


Oh no! How frustrating and disappointing. I'm so sorry.


Dear Clarice,
I'm so sorry about your loss and computer troubles. Last year we had a week-long melt down of my laptop--so I understand your pain. My husband spent a week on the phone tying to disypher through the computer wizards', on the other end, help. In time, we got through it, and were able to recover some of my stuff. (more than I thought).
It will get better--but I know, it's frustrating.
Anyway--I wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by the cabin and I have so enjoyed reading your post! I very much appreciate your kind comment!
Blessings to You and I hope things get better soon,
Claudia O.

the pleasures of homemaking

Oh how horrible! I'm so sorry - what a pain! Maybe you'll be able to recover stuff off your hard drive? Hope so.


Cathy Santarsiero

Oh Clarice, I'm sorry about that! I do hope someone can help you to retrieve the info. Speaking of bunnies....I made the mistake of adopting one at the vet's office this morning. Why oh why do I always have an empty dog crate in my car? It makes it way too tempting to bring home a wee beastie. John doesn't know yet...I'm making him a filet mignon for dinner before he sees the bunny :) xo Cat ^..^


Dear Clarice,

I am so sorry for the problems with your laptop and all the things you lost, especially your baking issue!!! I know things will be better soon. Your blog is wonderful and you keep it up perfectly. I love the sweet story and vintage image. Very Storybook Woods! Love Paula

Mrs Holter-Hovind

Dear Clarice, I have heard that a specialist can rescue your hard drive, as Mrs. Staggs suggests. I know my dh is still hanging onto our last one in the hope of rescuing years of baby photos one day...
Good Luck! In sympathy, Gill.


Hi Clarice,

Before you give up hope on all of your things being lost, consider taking your laptop in to a computer whiz. Often, they can recover your work, and put it onto a disk for you to save.

Good luck!


So sorry that things aren't working out for you though. They soon will.:)


Clarice, don't be sad. I don't think I can ever tell when your blog is lagging. You probobly think that more than anyone else. Things will get better. Life happens and that's ok.
Have a fabulous day!


Oh Clarice, that is worse than sad! We will be patient waiting fro you to get back up and running, but we will miss you!



Oh Clarice, that's terrible. All that work to redo. I'm so sorry.


Deborah P

I'm so sorry!

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