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The Best Part Of Traveling, Is Coming Home

I will be back

27 buttermilk biscuits 

Hello everyone, well when you read this I will probably on a plane, that my own sweet hubby has inspected, flying over CA. But I will be back next weekend. I still have a few autumn corners to share !!


I also wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments about my baking issue and my article in Somerset. We all have a home and all work hard to make it that way. I hope my article and blog reflect that. If you have e-mailed me, I will get back to you when I return home. Remember to enjoy the small things xoxoxo 


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Have a wonderful time, Clarice! I picked up a copy of Somerset Life and your article and pictures are wonderful...very inspiring!

Donna O.

I FINALLLLLLLLLY found a Somerset!! A fantastic article-congratulations, Clarice!!


These bisquits look delicious! Congrats on the Somerset article...it turned out so nice. Enjoy this wonderful Autumn season in your cozy storybook woods cottage.



As you know, I made those biscuits on Sunday for my family for breakfast and everyone loved them and ate up every single crumb.

Jill xo


Dear Clarice,

I will miss you so much! I know you will have a wonderful trip!

Your article and blog are a perfect reflection of the love and hard work you have put into your beautiful and happy home life!
Love, Paula xoxoxo

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