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My Chloe has been needle-felting since she was 6. She really loves it and is really good at it. I am always looking for ways to inspire her, but I rarely see books on the subject that we both really love. So we were thrilled with Sweet Needle Felts by Jenny Docherty. It is full of really fun ideas that are not to too involved. I thought her directions were easy to understand, Chloe even learn a few new techniques. 

This is Sweetpea (Chloe's nickname) that Chloe made for me. Isn't she the sweetest. I just love her Chloe, well done xoxoxox

                               Sweet needle


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You must be SO proud right now! Chloe is so talented, and I just love Sweet Pea. She looks like she is just waiting to get out in the big wide world.

Jennifer Paganellli

You tell Chloe what a beautiful bunny or is it a kitty that is!! Love the dress...she is inspiring me to want to learn...


Sweetpea is so cute! Chole is very talented! Needle felting has become popular in Australia recently. The craft shops have some lovely stock nowdays. Enjoyed your little walk at Fish Creek. What a lovely time of year!

Sasha Libby

Sweetpea is absolutely adorable... don't you love mother/daughter crafting?

country mouse

Both sweet peas are too cute : ) Your girls each have their own distinct vision for their craft projects, don't they? I loved Auberne's x-box pillows : )


These little creatures are so adorable! I bet my daughters would love them!


Hi, Sweatpea's little face smiled at me here in England and the sun came out and started to shine. Chloe, you have a made a truly magical little rabbit. I love her. Best wishes to you all, Eli


Very sweet! cherry


That is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a sweetie Sweet Pea is and Chloe for making her for you! I LOVE HER!


She is adorable..what a talented daughter(s) you have..they are like their mom...

karen cox

This bunny is so cute, and he looks ever so cuddly. I must tell my sister about this book, she also does needle felting. Karen

jessi nagy

eeekkkkk so stinken cute.


Chloe, little "sweet pea" is adorable! Great job!


PS: Tell your momma hi from me!

Gumbo Lily

I am always impressed with Chloe's talent in needle felting. What a sweet gift for a sweet mom.



Oh, how adorable! What an inspiration your Chloe is!


Sweetpea is the sweetest things...I love her little face.


That is the most adorable bunny. That looks like an interesting book but I'm afraid to click on the link because I don't need any new projects right now!

Cathy Santarsiero

really, really cute!


Now that is just simply darling!!! Keep at it Chloe. You do amazing work.

Now off to see what other fun things you have been up to Clarice!


Excellent job Chloe. I love the sweet face and the cute dress.



Oh gosh, this is so charming! My compliments to Miss Chloe.

I call young Mr. Staggs "SweetPea" too!

Mary T.

Chloe: You go girl! You are an awesome artist! Keep it up! Love you, Mary


I adore Sweetpea...
too cute...



Dear Clarice,

I love, love Sweetpea, she is so sweet and adorable!!! Her face is so cute and I love her dress. Chloe did an amazing job! She needle-felts beautifully! Oh, how I would love for her to show Justin and I how to needle-felt. I am glad you found that charming book. I look forward to seeing what else Chloe creates! By the way Sweetpea is a perfect nickname for Chloe!

Love, Paula

Donna O.

Get OUT!! She's really good!! I have no clue how to do this- I'll leave that up to the Chloe!!!!! Just darling!


Sweetpea is very 'sweet'! I have never tried needle felting but would like to sometime. I like the flowers some gals have needle felted to felted bags.

the pleasures of homemaking

Yes, well done Chloe! That is soo cute, cute, cute! What a cute face! She could definately make those to sell. (I call my daughter Sweatpea too)!


Susan Drysdale

Sweetpea is so cute! She should make some to sell.


Oh, how cute!
Love the barkcloth pillow, too!



Oh Clarice, I LOVE Sweetpea!!! Chloe did an amazing job! I still haven't tackled needlefelting but have wanted to give it a try...hope you are having a great week! xxoo, Dawn



Sweetpea is so adorable! Chloe did a wonderful job and I imagine that you are so proud of her! I love the smile on her little face and the dress is so cute. That is talent!



So cuuute!

Now isn't that funny, I believe I somehow knew that Chloe's nickname was 'SweetPea.'

Jill xoo

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