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Tasha Tudor Reminder


Hello I just wanted to post a reminder of Tasha Tudor day on August 28th. I have had several readers write me and say they would love to see what others are doing. So I will post a Tasha post at midnight on the 28th. If you post about your Tasha Tudor day, just leave a comment on my post or Suzanne or Cays blog and everyone can come visit you.

By the way Cay is having a Author Fiesta with lots of Tasha Tudor links. Also Pink Gate is having a Tasha Tudor give away. Good luck xoxoxox


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Hooray! : ) I am busily working at my own little 'special something' to be posted tomorrow in honor of Tasha!! :)


I will post a birthday celebration on Aug 28! I found you from Little Jenny Wren. So today I will blog about my find as she did. Thanks.


I included your invitation to the Tasha Tudor Birthday on my post today. I am looking forward to Thursday. Karen

Laura A

Hi Clarice! Have you been changing some things around on your blog lately? Anyway, I like the look of it. I just came over to see what you'd written about Tasha Tudor. She's a longtime favorite, so I'll put the 28th on my mental calendar!


I just found your blog and would love to join in for Tasha's birthday. I have some things I'd love to share.
Thanks so much for this idea!


I am so glad I found your blog. It is beautiful. I love Tasha Tudor and I keep a little button in my sidebar to pass along and help others remember her beautiful, artistic life. I will definitely be participating in the day!



Hi, I came upon your lovely blog today and instantly knew I had to be part of and promote your Tasha Tudor Day! You can visit me at

Thanks for doing this! Susan A.K.A. Suzie Button :>)


Hi Clarice,
Did you see the new Victoria magazine? There is a whole article about Tasha Tudor.
Just got it yesterday.
Have a nice rest of the weekend,


I would like to participate in the Tausha Tudor Day Thursday August 28th!
I love your blog!
Bernideen's TeaTime Blog


Keep on remindin'! I had already forgot.


Dear Clarice,

First I must say your photo is gorgeous! What pretty flowers. Is that a peony? I love the container and the wallpaper in the background!

I am excited about Tasha Tudor day! Thank you for hosting this and for the links!

Love, Paula


I've posted about this, linking back to you, and will write something for that day. Thanks for doing this!

wendy Purdy

That's interesting, didn't know it was Tasha's day on 28th. I will have to do something in her honor


I'll have to think of something to do!!!



I'm looking forward to it!


Have you received your Sept./Oct 'Victoria' magazine yet? It has a Remembrance of Dear Tasha in it, on pages 18-19.

I included this, in my post on this latest magazine.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog


I am really looking forward to the Tasha Tudor celebration and am working on a post for that day, too.


What a great idea! I've taken the photo for my sidebar (with a link back to you), and I'll be posting about my Tasha Tudor moments on the 28th.

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