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I Am So Stupid


    This is a note I sent to a friend of mine and I thought I would share it with all of you. Although, after you read it you may think I have no right to ever write about homemaking again. But hopefully this will encourage someone and remind all of us to clean the mess when it happens, not 3 months later xoxoxox

       "Okay I am warning you this is a negative note where I will be hard on myself but I need to vent, lucky you! So feel free stop reading here. I have just spent 2 1/2 solid hours cleaning my fridge. There was soo much black, sticky, gross stuff on the bottom of the fridge and other sticky stuff on the door. I kept having to pour hot water on it, let it sit, then wipe it up only to do it all again. Over and over and over. Luckily all the shelves fit in my big tub so I could soak and scrub them in the tub (Chloe is now scrubbing the tub for me and Aubern'e is cooking dinner, since I will be in a comma. Thank you girls!!!) Why do I do this to myself? You would think after 46 years of living I would know better. I HATE cleaning, so I ignore it, instead of dealing with it at the time. Then by the time I do get to it I have such a huge mess, agggg. I could just slap myself. I was smart enough to use rosemary and lavender oil in everything. So the aroma therap, keep me from killing someone. I am sitting here with a bright red face, boarding on purple. I am so hot, tried and frustrated with myself. Well at lest I got my aerobic workout. Well, when I cool down I am going to cut an herb bouquet for my fridge and take a picture for the blog. That and a piece of chocolate will be my reward. But please remind me in future not to be sooo stupid. Thank you for listening to this rant. You are tooo sweet to me, love Clarice"


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Glad to know I'm not alone! :) Thanks for your honesty, Clarice... Blessings, Debra


Oh good! Now I feel better... my fridge gets cleaned when weird stuff is growing in it. That's when I know it's time!


A great post. I sometimes think that we in blog land share only what we think are the beautiful parts of life. But just like a painting is composed of both shadows and light, so is life. And that makes it beautiful.



ThanX for keeping it REAL! Oh boy, can I relate. Upon returning from vacation, we were greeted by a funky fridge. It seems someone who shall remain nameless forgot to toss out leftovers... Who knew wild rice could turn completely obnoXious in just over a week? (ugh)


I am now addicted to your blog and have spent much too much time on it. But I have gotten some really clever and fun ideas and I am so impressed by what you have been able to accomplish. Maybe you would like to come to my home and help me? LOL.



Chocolate...lots and lots of it is the only way to make it through the cleaning...what are you doing waiting til the end! Your 46 girl! You can eat chcolate while you work if you want!


Hi Clarice,

Thanks for sharing your woes! Who says "Weep and you weep alone?" Fortunately, my eleven-year old loves cleaning the fridge. It's just the rest of the house we need to work on!

Have a blessed day,


Oh, thank you for the Tasha Tudor day idea. We're looking forward to it!


hello dear clarice, i happened to stumble onto your blog and i love it. i had to smile when i read about your refrigerator cleaning. i understand all too well! i also waited until the last minute and then obessed myself with cleaning everything 100% perfectly. well, i do have a suggestion for you. it's a web site called "flylady" it's awesome and has changed my life and my house. through daily reminders and only 15 minutes a day, they will have your house clean, organized and you will not be over worked or tired. try it, it's FREE~i hope it works for you like it did for me. i have a huge victorian, 2 cats and 2 Great Danes and my house, while not sparkling clean, is clean, organized and neat.

i really enjoyed your blog,
Lana in New York


Clarice too funny!
I can invision you turning those shades of red and purple.

Lennis is always on me about cleaning the fridge. He has this "clean fridge obsession" going on.
I politely say, "Oh, yes, I do need to clean the fridge, and then head downstairs to create.

The mood to clean it usually strikes me around Spring and Fall, and in between, let's just say "Fridge Out!"

I love the idea of the fresh herbs on the top shelf!

Jill xoo


That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of. Sending an "I am sorry" bouquet to your frig. :o) Guess the balloons wouldnt fit....


Haha -- we've all been there. Who likes to clean refrigerators anyway??? Yu-uck! Love the herb bouquet!


If we were all perfect, the world would be a boring place and we wouldn't need to blog about our successes as well as the little imperfect things we do. Don't worry, Clarice, you are not at all alone.


Don't be so hard on yourself! I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to put a plate under defrosting meat in the frige and wound up with a bloody mess that I then had to totally sanitize!


Cathy Santarsiero

OK Clarice, breathe in and out, repeat after me: The sun is warm, the grass is green....breathe....LOL. Ahh...it happens to everyone. Mine was when the back of my fridge (very uneven cooling)froze a jar of pickles which somehow cracked and lost all of its juice to...you guessed it...the bottom shelf. It was combined with a knocked over bottle of pure maple syrup that also managed to trickle down. It was not pretty. Not pretty at all. xo Cat ^..^
p.s. have two pieces of chocolate :)


Great post Clarice!!
So sorry that you had to work sooo hard.
I always try to clean up the messes when they happen so I won't be stuck doing what you were doing. It happens to the best of us.
Thanks for sharing,


Ha!Ha! As I read your letter I thought about looking in my refrigerator yesterday to find someone had knocked over a half full pint of cream that made its way down to every shelf below. It had already turned into a sticky mess. I just shook my head and closed the door and said to myself, "I will just clean that later!" I detest cleaning the fridge, although I force myself to do it ever now and then. Thank you for sharing as I laugh with you!



Thanks for making me laugh this morning. Love, Mom


Clarice, it is so nice to know that you are human like the rest of us! The tub is always the perfect 'thing' for fridge cleaning! That, and Mrs. Murphy's in lavender!


Lady Laurie

I hate cleaning the icebox, scrubbing the showers and cleaning the toilets. Ick.
Love the bouquet ~ so much nicer than a box of baking soda!


oh Clarice,
I think we have ALL been there..that is for sure..jobs get put on the back burner...other things take priority, out of sight out of mind, ignore, have fun, create ,then WHAM...reality...
YIKES...think we would learn...you are normal....we are normal..and life goes on...I love how you made it smell good and look pretty then...you have a gift at that kind of thing.


Been there - done that, too!
I love the idea of a bouquet in the fridge. How sweet!


All's well that ends well, right? Your bouquet looks lovely in your nice clean fridge. You also need to credit yourself for raising good girls who help out. That's far more important than a clean fridge any day!



Thank the Lord it's not just me, Clarice! I approach housekeeping in exactly the same way you do, sweetie ~ at least I don't feel quite so bad now that I know I'm not alone! xxx


Thank you so much for posting this! I need to clean out my fridge, my oven, my craft cabinet, etc! :) I do have one excuse, though. I have severe tendinitis in my wrist and elbows so repetitive motions like wiping are problematic for my wrists. Thanks for "keepin' it real!" :)


Do NOT feel alone. When I saw the picture I had a stab of guilt thinking that I really, really need to take the shelves out and clean all the stuff in the door and on the inside of the door...yuck. I would rather do most any household chore rather than clean the fridge. I tell myself it is because it is so awkward and I don't want to lug the glass shelves upstairs to the tub. Really, I am just lazy and slothful, but a lot of fun ( as you will attest to, right?). I am craving a Pot de Creme right now.



My dear Clarice,

You always make me laugh! I am so glad you used the aroma therapy! Your fridge looks so pretty and clean. I LOVE the herbal bouquet in the old mason jar... you make everything look so pretty!!!
Love, Paula


Your fridge looks good now. I'm the same. We have two fridges (southern thang) and the other day I opened the secondary one and what did I find? A big ol' bowl of shrimp tails. EW. I could just smack the teenager when I find things like that. He's on his own now in a dorm with a fridge the size of a phone book. Good luck buddy! Anyway, I am trying to keep a closer eye on both. Great post. xo

Gumbo Lily

You tickle me, Clarice!
I'm not laughing at you.....
I'm laughing.... (with you now?)

Now I don't feel so bad about my messes, I thought you were PERFECT! Whew!



Mine needs cleaning, too. Did you ever figure out what the black goo was? lol Was a sauce bottle empty all of a sudden? I found pizza sauce (precious home canned!!!) with the lid half off and dripping out and under the fridge that one of the kids left untightened. Oye! You have my sympathy! I bet it feels good to have it done. So how many times have you gone and admired the clean fridge since you finished, or am I the only one that does that? :D


I need to clean my refrig really bad!
I keep noticing your name as my birth father was Hurley Burton Hughes. I am looking forward to Tasha Tudor's Honor Day.


You are not the only one who does this. I am guilty of this myself. So don't feel bad.


It's just so easy to ignore that which we hate to do--I'm often guilty of it, and still learning the hard way...don't feel bad Clarice. Take the rest of the day to relax--you deserve it!!


Mrs Holter-Hovind

Oh you poor dear! Every now and again I take out all the removable shelves and drawers from the fridge and squeeze them into the dishwasher (of course nothing else fits at the same time)then I run it on the hottest programme. Whilst that is running I deal with the inside walls and door.

What a lovely idea to put a herbal bouquet into the fridge! Gill

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