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Twelve Christmas Fact


Dear Rosemary tagged me for 12 random Christmas facts about me. I am suppose to tag others, So I tag Aubern'e and Jody xoxoxoxo

Okay twelve Christmas facts about me !!!

1. I am already planning next years theme ;- )

2. I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and we go to the tree farm and pick out our tree. We do not cut it yet but decorate in neon ribbon (so we can find it again) then come back a week later when I am ready for it.

3. Even thought I change my decorating theme every year, the tree stays the same every year. White lights and lots of tinsel. It is like a little black dress. A classic and goes with everything.

4. My favorite Christmas story since I was a girl is A Christmas Carol and I love the Muppets version.

5. I get up on Christmas morning earlier then the girls, because I am soo excited and can not sleep. Actually it is my favorite time of Christmas. I sit next to the tree will all the lights on and cup of hot tea and take in all the magic, to carry me through the year.

6. My husband is Sicilian and it is a Italian tradition to have fish at Christmas, so I always make a fish dish on Christmas Eve. This year we are having shrimp scampi, baked polenta with gorgonzola cream sauce and make your own Caesar salad.

7. We always on Christmas eve for dessert, have all the cookies and candies we made or were given. And only open one gift.

8. I have a weakness for See’s candies. I know I say I only eat sophisticated dark chocolate, but See’s candy falls in a group all in it’s own. I think it is a childhood thing. I have two twin uncles, uncle Sid and uncle Joe (who looked like a cross between the mafia and Frank Sinatra). I adored uncle Joe. He was not quite right in the brain and would tell you about his girlfriend (he did not have a girlfriend, I am not sure he ever had one) and how they went horse back riding (He could barely walk). But I loved him because he lived in a fantasy, happy world, was always kind to me and told me to never change. Every Christmas he would bring my sister and I each a doll and a 3 pound box of See’s candy. Oh heaven that giant box, oh torture try to pick the first one !!!!

9. I will unabashedly admit I love present. I love giving them, I love getting them. The more the better.

10. I only have happy memories of Christmas. I remember no drama. Just love and fun and magic. My father enjoyed Christmas, shopping and going to fun outings. It was just a happy time.

11. On Christmas eve, we leave oats and carrots for the reindeer and they leave glitter.

12. As much as I love all the Christmas staging and celebrating, sometime I secretly wish to go to some little B&B in New England and let them do all the work and pamper me.

PS. Speaking of gifts. I got the smashingly, yummy crown, wand and box from Donna. Donna, I gave my wand to Aubern’e. She so loves your items, I hope you do not mind. Thank you Donna xoxoxoxo


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What a fun meme to read, Clarice! I loved hearing about your special Christmas memories!


Enjoyed your list Clarice, and Christmas Eve dinner sounds scrumptious!
Beautiful crown!


Gumbo Lily

I enjoyed your list and I always appreciate your wonderful ideas! I'll see what I can do about my list!



My Dear Clarice,
I love it that your husband is Sicilian, so am I. My mom hates fish so we never had to have it on Christmas Eve. My dad did though.
I loved reading your list. We are so much alike. I have some See's candy here for you. We always had it as Christmas too.
I have some of those Uncle's too.
Thanks for playing,


This was sooo much fun to read! I get up early too. I used to be a little embarassed to admit to all the other moms who would complain about getting up early on Christmas morning, that I could barely sleep, and was always the first one up! I still am.

the feathered nest

Your Christmas Eve menu sounds just scrumptous! My goodness, you're already working on next years theme! You are so organized! That was a fun list and I enjoyed getting to know you better. (I know to bring a box of See's candies when visiting)!




That was fun to learn more about you and your customs. We have quite a large Italian/Sicilian population in the area and the fish stores are always mobbed on the 23rd as people get get for the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve I did the same meme today; stop on over to read about me and Christmas.


That was fun to read. Love, Mom


Thanks for sharing such nice memories. Now I want to come have dinner with YOU!

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