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I have been busy play and decorating my house. I am trying to use what I already have as much as possible. So I spent a day after I had striped my house of fall things and took innovatory of what I had that I could use for my pink Christmas. I had this cheapy Martha K-Mart wreath from several years back. I was never really happy with it but it worked in a pinch when I got it. I decided to give it a make-over. At first I was going to do some balls in aqua and some in pink glitter. But after I did the aqua, it looked so wonderful I decided to stop. It is important to know when to stop. The aqua really brought out the gold and copper balls. I think pink would just distract from it all. I am thinking for future Christmas, aqua and copper might be a fun combo. Also adding the glitter gave the wreath another texture and add a bit more depth.


What I did:

The wreath is all plastic and I have discovered decoupage medium works well on plastic. I thought it would bead up, like glue would but it does not. So I just covered the balls in decoupage and then glitter, that simple. Except that it was a large wreath and I had to work in section the let that dry. But it only took an half an hour or so to dry, I am really happy with this, imagine just a bit of glitter transformed this wreath. My mother was over today and really loved it to. Hanging on my grandmother Clare's mirror made the wreath sparkle all that much more. By the way can you see in the bottom picture we have a bit of snow. Yeah, a bit of snow is a big deal for us.

I am now looking at what else I own that could use a bit of a make-over. I wonder what you have that could use a simple makeover ??? I have a lot more to show. Wait till you see my pastel trees !!!!!



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Pearl Maple

Beautiful posts from ou, full of inspiration and seasonal goodness, love the non green/red color combo's - what fun!

Gumbo Lily

Love that aqua sparkle you did! It looks fabulous Grandma's mirror! Perfect!

the feathered nest

Clarice, it looks so much better - it's just beautiful!



Absolutely beautiful! I love your wreath!



What a wonderful makeover!
I believe the Martha Stewart People might be giving you a call, as they could use a designer like you!

Jill 00


Clarice, Just a note to tell you I'm loving all your blog offerings and look forward to them in anticipation much like a Christmas gift! Also, I've been meaning to mention that I have the Georgian China (the round ones)you have that I noticed in your Thanksgiving post. They are favorites of mine and I also use ruby goblets. Sometimes I add a ruby charger, too. You're helping make my Christmas merrier!! Thanks, Abby


I love it Clarice, you did a beautiful job!
Can't wait to see your trees.

Sandra Evertson

Oh my, this looks Terrific! Looks like it cost a fortune!
You did a wonderful job!
Sandra Evertson

Mary T.

Beautiful!! I stayed in Leavenworth this weekend and we have had 18" of snow (yes, that's 18) and it's still coming down!!


I love it and I am not a pastel Christmas kind of girl! It came out beautiful.

Bobbie Duran

Beautiful job and you just out did Martha here. Thanks for the tip


Clarice, the wreath looks fabulous. Very creative!

Clarice, you could teach Miss Martha a thing or two! LOL I think it looks so amazing and I agree 100 percent with you that the pink would have been too much. That's one of my biggest problems, unlike you, I don't know when to stop:o)


oh Clarice this wreath looks so much better! Martha Stewart would be proud of you! It would go lovely in Sea Cottage...I am decorating in white, silver, and that color blue. We still have hints of gold because for years and years I decorated in white,gold,cream,caramel colors. I do have pink & roses in the *tea rose room* with a tiny silver tree decorated with tiny pink candy canes. I look forward to seeing your *pink* Christmas.

PS If you want a bit more lemon flavor in the lemon drop tea cookies you can add a tsp. of lemon peel. Hope you enjoy them! They get gobbled up at our cottage.

Kelli's so sparkling, Clarice! You are right, the aqua is the perfect touch!


Your wreath is stunning! I love the colors and agree that pink would detract from your wreath's inherent beauty.

Daisy Bouquet

Good Morning, Love the wreath it is gorgeous. Have a happy day. Mary

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