Entrance To My Home
A Christmas Tip

Christmas Menu


Beer Soup

Dried Fruit Compote

I am making mine with a comb of pears and Italian plums I dried myself. Also figs and sour cherries.

Red Cabbage and Apples

Mustard Roasted Pork Loin 

Egg-nog Creme Brulee

My game plan :

Several days ahead make creme brulee and compote.

Day before cut up veggies, steam carrots al-dente, make croutons.

Christmas morning prep meat.

Hour before pull out compote to come to room temp, make soup and cook spazel and then quickly fry in browned butter. Carrots saute for a few minutes in a dab of butter and caraway seeds.

While meats is cooked and resting make cabbage, pull out creme brulee to come to room temp.

Just before eating creme brulee do sugar top. 


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Terri Pollhein

What time is dinner???? Sounds delicous!
Happy Christmas!


Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert! Your Christmas menu looks delicious.

I still have limited Internet access to post to my blog, read other blogs, and zero access to my email account; hopefully to be fixed soon. So don't think I've forgotten you.

Sher's Creative Expressions

Hey, you forgot to add one thing on your menu. What time is dinner served so I won't be late? LOL.

Merry "Christ"mas and may the New Year bring you health, happiness and love of family,




Yummmmmm...sounds so delicious, Clarice....I had to stop by to say I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! Thank you for being such a sweet blog friend, xxoo, Dawn


I sure wish I had some of your culinary talent, Clarice. Your family is certainly blessed!



Sounds yummy!!!
You are so together!!
I love that about you.



You make it all sound so easy!! Most of my baking is done, just two more kinds of cookies to go and an apple cake. Then I have to make the donuts and hide them somewhere!



Beautiful menu..

I love creme brulee, it's a favorite at our house too.



Jill xo

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