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I have gotten a few e-mails from some people saying their trees did not loose their color. They got lighter but not white. Well I was talking with Angie she was told me on her doll-loop they have talked about the fact that once bleach is opened it looses it's strength. So if your bleach is old, that might be the problem. When I get a chance (not till probably after Christmas). I am going to buy a new bottle of bleach and try using that and see what happens. If you have done any trees I would love feed back on your trees and if your bleach is old or new.

I hope this helps. Also Sarah has started a flicker group for the trees.

PS. Check out Angie's wonderful spice tree. I am going to see it today and can not wait !!!!!


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I did some trees several weeks ago and they worked fine for me and I had old bleach. Not real old but it was bought over a month ago.

I am having a "GIVEAWAY" on my blog, PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD the word.....

:) Bren

Hi Clarice, I just wanted to "pop" in and tell you that I will taking a blogging break for Christmas. I wish you and your family a most blessed and happy Christmas! Big hugs, Susan P.


I didn't know that fact about bleach.

the feathered nest

I don't know if my trees are natural fiber trees, I'll have to go check. Nope I never did get it to work, but my bleach is old cause I hardly ever use it. So maybe that's why.



Angie's tree is beautiful, and her felted wool ornaments are charming. Put it all together with those beautiful loaves of bread, and it makes for one of the loveliest Christmas homes that I've seen this year. I enjoyed my visit there very much.
Happy day to you, Clarice!

Gumbo Lily

It was fun to see everyone's interpretation of this project. Pretty trees!



I love bottle brush trees and I'm going to give this project a try.
I was tagged by Rosemary too. It was fun to do and I loved your answers. Have a great day. Linda


People have to use the right kind of tree also. Plastic trees are not going to bleach. The ones I suggested are a natural fiber tree.

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