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Winter Banner


I was going to wait till after Thanksgiving to posts my winter banner, but then I realized that right after Thanksgiving is when all the craziness begins. I will spend a week taking everything down and setting up for Christmas. I have so many fun ideas in my head, we will see what I actully get done. I thought I should take care of the blog now while I have the time.

I wanted to tell you about a favorite book of mine. In the banner you will see a picture in the back of six sisters and a Christmas tree. This is from a small book called "The Doll In The Window" by Pamela Bianco. It is about Victoria who had saved her money all year so she could buy her five little sisters Christmas presents. But when she visits the toy store, she saw the most beautiful doll and suddenly forgets about wanting to buy her sisters a toy. Christmas Eve she takes the coins out of her bank and went to the toy store, all the time thinking of the beautiful doll instead of her sisters. I will not give away the ending, but it is a very sweet story and Ms. Bianco's drawings are really wonderful. She is the daughter of Margery Bianco who wrote The Velveteen Rabbit and another favorite book of mine, The Little Wooden Doll.


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Dear Clarice
This sounds like a book I need in my library! A Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Daisy Bouquet

I want to wish you and your's a Happy Thanksgiving. Mary

Gumbo Lily

Cute background,Clarice! It looks like a picture book propped behind some fun doll house accessories. Wonderful!

I love the cheery, relaxed feeling that your blog radiates right now. Thanks for always making us feeling "right at home."

Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving,

Dee (www.Xanga.com/GraceatHome)

I must have this book! Do you know where I can purchase it? I love books about dolls.


Thank you for coming by my cottage to visit! I was happy to see you have posted a Thanksgiving menu, of sorts, I copied Haus Frau at Lula's Hardt in sharing her menu today. I guess I will have to return after Thanksgiving to see what all you feasted on! Cheers!


What I like about your new banner is it is soft colors. I'm not ready for bright red and green yet. It doesn't feel like winter yet. The green looks good even tho we love pink. :-) Love, Mom


A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man must be seeking the Lord in order to see it."

I loved this comment left on Gracious Hospitality site. I posted it on mine as well. Happy thanksgiving


I just love your new banner. This books sounds like it's a very sweet story with a message...I'm going to try and find it. I have a collection of Christmas books and this would be a nice addition. Linda


Lovely folksy banner, Clarice! But I have to say...pink on cream lettering is really hard to see!!! I had to search and search to find where to comment. :( Maybe it's just my monitor?


I love your winter banner-is it from Victoria magazine? I was so happy when I spotted it again inthe book store. Great post. Blessings Rose


Cute banner!! Sounds like a story I would like to finish reading.

the feathered nest

Clarice, I love the new banner. You really are so creative!

I have something for you at my blog - come and get it!



Happy Thankgiving!

Jill xo


I adore your banner! It reminds me a bit of my favorite childhood story by Tasha Tuder with the dollhouse under the tree! Lovely!!!


Are you teasing us!:) Now I will have to get my hands on that cute story to hear what happens. As much as I'm trying to leave christmas alone until closer to December, my thoughts and ideas are going in that direction.


What a sweet new banner. Love it! By the way...the pumpkin pie bars were a hit. Thanks again for sharing the recipe.


Sounds like a great story with a happy ending and a moral as well.


I love it!!!


What a beautiful new banner. Is the book-background in Cloe's dollhouse? Very lovely. You are one creative gal, Clarice! It's as important as breathing, isn't it!


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