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Pumpkin-Pie Bars

Black and White Christmas


I am already getting in a Christmas mood. I just got the new Blueprint magazine , I am doing a pink Christmas this year and was attracted to the pink tree on the cover. They have a wonderful article about gift wrapping and black and white papers to download. They also have a places setting card, but I think they would make wonderful tags. Here is some black and white prints that may inspire you too.






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I am starting to think of christmas this year, now halloween is over. I love traditional clours, although maybe i could keep a section of the house pink? it looks so soft with lights at christmas!

Priscilla x

kari and kijsa

Great post! So many ideas and yummy inspiration!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari and kijsa


Can't wait to see your Pink Christmas Clarice ~ sounds lovely and elegant.



EEEEEeeeeeeek I so want to do a B&W theme for X-mas tooo. Gorgeous, lovely, and I even want to make a tree skirt in damask.

karla nathan

I love black and white with a hint of pink!

Pearl Maple

How cool to have a classy B&W Christmas. Thanks for starting us off with those beautiful images.


I'm looking forward to seeing all of your ideas, Clarice!
I love the old fashioned wreath image.
Take care.



It will be exciting to see your "Pink" Christmas posts!

I'm up to my ears in packing orders, but had to come up for air.

Jill 00

Susan P.

Wow, a "pink" Christmas ~ sounds so lovely! Now I'm starting to get in the mood to decorate:o)


Did you see the pinecones on Penny's blog? They are humungous.


That sounds like fun, but I love ALL kinds of color at Christmas! I always think "candy" during Christmas which is all colors of the rainbow! Fun thinking about it though.

Faye Davis

Forgot to say: Being General Contractors, we always have blueprints (actually they are black and white) to be thrown away. I have for several years used these pages for wrapping paper. It's funny to watch the men trying to read the paper rather than opening the presents. Almost any color ribbon and bow goes with these.

Faye Davis

You and my daughter are both Charlotte Mason fans!


I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas. Has a ring to it. Cool!!

Michelle Gregory

Thank you for your kind comments on Gumbo Lily's blog, and for all of your encouragement.



Here is also hoping that I can learn to type and spell,LOL.



Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Here's hoping tat I can figure his blogging stuff out.

The feathered nest

Thanks for the link to the B&W papers! I haven't seen that issue yet.


Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Oh my, that is beautiful! I think I need to get that mag.


What beautiful ideas--thank you so much for sharing them. I think black-and-white themed gift wrapping is a grand idea.

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