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I just watched the most fascinating movie called The Mistress Of The Spices

"Tilo, a beautiful but lonely “Spice Mistress,” one of a secret group of women trained in the healing powers of herbs and roots. From her fragrant spice shop in Oakland, California, broken hearts, strained relations and runs of bad luck can all be contained within the remedying powers of fenugreek, chilies and cinnamon. Tilo is bound, however, by the rules of her craft: she may only use her powers for others, can never leave the spice shop, and must never touch another’s skin.

A steady stream of customers populate the shop: the taxi driver Haroun, who has a dark cloud over his future; Geeta, a woman in love with a forbidden man; and the adolescent Jagjit, drifting from his family into a thug life. Tilo selflessly looks after all those who enter her doors, until one day, fate—and romance—intervenes, in the form of a handsome stranger (Dylan McDermott) who forces her to choose between her long-held vows and her own desires."



It was a captivating movie, that I could not wait to see how it ended. But also beautiful. I mean that spices shop, I want a shop like that. You know how in the movie "You Got Mail" and that amazing children's bookstore. I mean everyone wants a bookstore like that. That is how this movie is. I could watch it over and over just for the store !!!!



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Jennifer Paganellli

totally going to rent this...look at you go!! You blog the way I wish I much info and resources...thanks for always coming by and by the way love the Unforgetable music...cause that's what you are to me...Jennifer



I must watch this movie.

On a funny note.. Patrick is setting in the living room reading the paper, and could hear Unorgetable playing while I was on your post. He's singing loud and clear. Can you hear him?

Jill 00


Thanks for the tip. I'm off to see if my library has it. Sounds lovely. :)


This sounds like my kind of movie, Clarice! I'm going to see if our libary has it and if not, Netflix here I come! :0)


When I saw the promos for this movie I said I had to see it! It looks beautiful. The actress was in Bride and Predjudice I believe - another great movie.



Clarice, this sounds a great movie. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog Clarice and although I don't post I generally visit every day or so.


Sounds like the shop in Chocolat. I love shop movies like you mentioned.


I saw a preview for this (on the Miss Potter dvd, maybe?) and it got me curious. But I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. Now I think I'll give it a try :)


This is a movie too?? Wow. I read the book a year or so ago and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to add this to my Netflix queue!

sara, the house of charm

Oh my gosh, do I live under a rock? I have NEVER heard of this. I can't wait to see it!


Clarice, please visit Gracious Hospitality when you have time. You have been awarded The Reflective Blogger Award!

Thank you for blessing my life!



I will add this one to my Netflix list, thank you!
"You've Got Mail" is a favorite movie of mine and I recently bought it on sale. I love light romantic movies.
Isn't this cooler day and the little bit of rain wonderful? Those really warm days were getting tiresome.


Well, since You've Got Mail is my favorite movie, I better watch this one.


I seen that the other day and was wondering if would be a good movie. Now I know. Thanks for telling us about it. I'm glad, I am not the only one that has rented, borrowed or even re-rented something just to see a garden, a house or store in


Gosh, that sounds like a good one, Clarice! You've Got Mail is one of my favorites - mostly for the shop! :)

Mrs G

okay, added to my netflix :) ...wonder if Mr G will notice if it edges out the next season of Black Sheep Squadron...

Isabella in the 21st Century

I have never heard of this film but it sounds wonderful! I might rent it, actually I wonder if it came out in the UK?

Gumbo Lily

Where do you come up with these wonderful movies? This one sounds like one I might like too.

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