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Roses pink and roses red,
Hold a court in every bed;
Stately lilies tall and white,
Pay them homage day and night.

Marigolds and poppies show
In a rich and radiant row,
And beyond their splendid line,
Irises in purple shine.

Honeysuckle scents the air,
Loveliness is everywhere,
And beside the border-grass
Venus's own looking-glass.

Now the privet bears its flowers,
Now the petals fall in showers
Where a white syringa-tree
Guards the homely honesty.

Bulbs must come from out the ground,
Young ones must be good and sound,
And with care be put away
For another gardening day.

Water well, and tie, and trim,
June fills quickly to the brim,
Fills with work for those who'd be
Helpers in her husbandry.

From the The Young Gardeners' Kalendar 


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I love the poem --- and graphic. Isn't June wonderful?


Oh, you know how I love the poems! This one is lovely.

Cheers! LA


Sweet Clarice
I just picked a bunch of honeysuckle to bring inside the house, it smells so good.

Jill oo

Gumbo Lily

How do you find these things, Clarice?
So pretty!


Love the poem. So nice!
Have a great weekend!

Isabella in the 21st Century

What a lovely poem!


Hi Clarice,
I hope you've had a nice week. Thank you for this charming link. I've really enjoyed it.
Take care.


Awww...such a pretty poem for June and the picture is wonderful too!


The Glitter Fairy

Glad you're back! (Hey, that doesn't rhyme!!!)


Honeysuckle scents the air,
Loveliness is everywhere,
And beside the border-grass
Venus's own looking-glass.

That's my favorite line!

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