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A Stawberry Weekend

I Learned To Crochet


Over my little break I learned how to crochet and made these bracelets. I love how they turned out. I used a sizeE hook and No 8 finca pearl cotton thread. I crocheted a long piece in a single stitch and at the end I did a chain stitch loop for the button. Do not look to close and see how wide, then skinny, then wide they are. Only I would chose for my very first crochet project to use a small hook and thread. It made it a bit hard to see the stitches ;-p

I will be making more, especially with the variegated thread.



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Very cute bracelets! And you even learned how to crochet on the harder threads --- instead of fat and squishy yarn! They are lovely!

Stephanie A

These look great. I just bought a little orange box for £1 at a charity shop in Ilkey and it has about 30 crochet hooks in. They vary from really skinny ones, barely wider than a hair's breadth to big portly ones! I have no idea how to crochet but it would have been so rude to not buy it! I also picked up a basket of blue and white china (8 dinner plates, 8 side/tea plates, 8 bowls and 8 cups and saucers) for £10. I am running out of space for it all but hey, you can't just leave it there! I love your thrift shop glasses and tin too.


Very cute bracelets!

The Glitter Fairy

Good for you, Clarice! Isn't it fun to learn something new? Very cute.
Soooo glad you're back! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog.
Kindest regards,



I bet your already crocheting hats and gloves and scarves and potholders, and........
Congratulations and I look forward to seeing other Clarice Creations.

Jill 00

Kelli pretty, Clarice! They look perfect for these hot summer days!

Isabella in the 21st Century

How cool! My little girl likes them too!


I love the little bracelets! Don't you just love learning something new?


Gumbo Lily

Fun & cute! My dd taught me to crochet once, but I'm sure I don't remember. I'd need a refresher course. I made oblong dish cloths.



That is one thing I have never learned how to do.
Very nice.

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