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Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren is a book we discovered last summer. This is the same author as Pippi Longstocking and Children Of Noisy Village (another favorite). But this book is one of those children's books that is enjoyable to all. I felt it had a different tone and a bit more depth then her other books. Both Chloe and I loved it and it is a perfect summer book to read. Plus any book about a charming old run down cottage on an island, has me hooked.

" The four Melkerson children were a little bit worried the day they arrived on Seacrow Island. After all, their impractical father had rented the cottage for the whole summer without ever setting eyes on it.  And a man on the boat had told Pelle, the youngest Melkerson, that the cottage had a leaky roof. And here they are getting off the steamer and it is pouring rain.

But the needn't have worried. In spite of the cottage leaky roof, there are many pleasant surprises in store on the island. For Pelle, who loves animals, there is Bosun, the most gigantic dog he has ever seen and his irresponsible owner, Tjorven.

For John and Nicolas, there is Teddy and Freddy, who knew all about boats and exploring, even though they were girls. And for 19 year old Malin, the island is the place were she feel in-love for the first time. By the end of the summer, all four children and their father know the Seacrow Island had to remain their home."


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Terri Pollhein

O.K. I just ordered it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation!
Have you all ever read the Indian in the Cupboard Series??? I love those books!


Love books like that, thanks, Clarice! xoC

karla nathan

I've never seen this book, I'll have to get it for my fairy grandbaby. I LOVED Pippy as a child. So much, that one day I mopped our floor like she did, with buckets of soapy water poured out and brushes tied to my feet. I warped the floor with water damage!!


I read nearly all of her books when I was a child and loved them. This one is ringing a few bells, but I don't remember reading "Children of Noisy Village". I will have to add that one to my list of childrens books I still want to read.
What a dreary and wet day we've had across the sound from you. I wonder what Memorial Day will bring? Hope your day is happy despite the weather Clarice.
Take care.


Sounds perfect! I, too, am a book lover and children's books are my absolute favorite. I think I must find this one!


Oh, we love Astrid Lindgren! I just requested a copy at our library. :)

Thanks, Clarice!


Oh! I read that book a couple years ago (or more) and it's the perfect kind of book for summer reading. I'll have to get it again from the library in our town. Thanks for the reminder, Clarice! Blessings, Debra

Gumbo Lily

It sounds like a book that *I* would like to read this summer! There's nothing like a story that takes place on the water that hooks my attention.

Do you like the Ransome books? Swallows and Amazons? I do.



Great book Clarice..


It sounds wonderful, Clarice! We are going to the library tomorrow and I'll see if they have it!


I love stories like that. I might have to read that one.
I'm already hooked.

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