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I saw this yummy recipe posted on Posie Gets Cozy for seafood gratin and I am sooooo glad I tried it. We all thought we had died and gone to heaven. I use scallops, cod and mussels (it was on sale). This is a keeper recipe. Thank you Alicia xoxoxox

Since the recipe is a bit involved I wanted to sever it with a meal that I could make ahead. I got sourdough bread. The day before I steamed artichoke. I made a lemon sour cream sauce for the artichockes intead of a lemon ailoi beacuse the seafood gratin is soo rich. I like the tang of the sour cream and lemon.

For dessert I think the espresso ricotta cream with chocolate espresso sauce is a nice ending to such a  rich dinner. Next time I might try adding some chopped toasted hazelnuts. 

Lemon Sour Cream Sauce

1/2 mayonnaise

1/2 cup sour cream

1 garlic clove finely chopped

zest of one small lemon

juice of half lemon

salt and paper to taste.

Whisk all together

painting by Tod Williams


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Gumbo Lily

This sounds so delish! I wish I lived closer to fresh seafood. Lucky family!


I love it. It sounds so good.
I always get hungry reading blogs about food and recipes.


Really Clarice...I agree Susan, that mealtimes at your home are really special and very much like going to a fancy restaurant!
I hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun!

Susan P.

Ah Clarice, dinner at your house is a like going to a five star restaurant every night!! Your family is so blessed to have you prepare these wonderful meals for them every night.

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