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I have been so inspired by Jennifer, Charlotte, Teresa, Lauren, Carolyn,

and a lot more of you ladies. I am a bit intimidated to work with paper, the few attempts I have tried I was not happy with. But I decided to forge ahead. I made these bird pictures for my mother, my MIL for mothers day and my sister for her birthday. The top one is mine. She is a diva but she has grace  :) Grace is my special word. I was really happy how these turned out and I plan to play more now. Thank you ladies for the motivation and for letting me share.


I wanted to say it is so lovely to hear about how you celebrate Mothers day. I am happy to hear you ask for what you need. Hubby was able to move bills around, so I will be able to have mine this weekend. He bought me beautiful roses. I have my chocolate and mags, I would say I am off to a good start. Now what do I want for breakfast ?????? xoxoxox


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My question of the day for you is this:
Is there anything that Miss Clarice can't do?
You are so creative and so gifted! Lovely collages!
I LOVE the blue vase with the yellow is almost surreal/ethereal! So pretty and you know how to capture/frame a picture!
Hope you enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day Clarice!




So Cool! The way you did the birdie's nests is very clever :)


A beautiful job with the collages, Clarice. I love the shredded paper nests! Lovely gifts for sure.

Mrs. X

Clarice, these pieces are so creative and unique. I'm curious what sort of paper you used for the background? Are they about the size of a placemat? Sugarmonkey loooooves birds and has her room decorated with fairies, so I may have to do a collage for her. As always, you are an inspiration! Love & hugs,
Mrs. X


I love those newspaper print nests! (I'm guessing there newspaper?!) Beautiful gifts.
Happy happy Mothers Day! So glad you get to celebrate this weekend...


Great job on the paper art.
I got roses today too!! Lucky us.


The collages are wonderful!



Happy Mothers Day, Clarice!

lauren Mumford

I was surprised when you said it was all paper. I thought the background on the first was some sort of metal object. I love the color scheme the blues look fabulous with the brown. (Now you have inspired ME!) Off to a great start--don't stop now!



Happy Mother's Day and beautiful paper art.

Here in Norway we celebrate Mother's Day in February.

cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Your forage into paper turned out great! These pieces are all so pretty! I've admired this sort of crafting on line, and now you are a proficient, too! I hope you'll share more! Happy Mother's Day, Clarice!

karla nathan

I think the shredded paper birdie nests are adorable, mind if I use that idea on something? I don't want to be a copy cat, but these blogs are so full of beautiful ideas, and no one ever does the exact same thing when they use someone's inspiration.

Glad you get your special weekend on the 'proper' date, but any day can be special for you. Hope the happiness of Mother's Day carries on through the whole year for you!


Your collages are beautiful! Lovely roses too!
Happy Mother's Day!


These are so very "tweet!"

Gumbo Lily

How about chocolate waffles for breakfast topped with whipped cream and strawberries. MMMMmmmm.

Fun paper art!


What lovely gifts, Clarice! You did a wonderful job! I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!
P.s. I think chocolate should be on your breakfast menu. ;0)

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