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One of my all time favorite books is "The Golden Name Day" by Jennie Lindquist. It is a perfect spring book. The Golden Name Day is a children's book, but a children's books for everyone. Like The Secret garden. It is just one of those magical stories about Nancey and her time with her Swedish grandparent. It is a joy to read, a story were everyone is kind (this is a pet-peeve of mine. I will not tolerate my girls to be unkind just because they are children and will not read books were others are unkind. Now you know were Chloe gets it from :) and just a sweet story about a family. Which is my favorite thing to read. It is hard to get a copy of this book but I know my library has it. There is also two sequels The Little Silver House and The Crystal Tree. Which are both good but not quite as magical as The Golden Name Day.

  "Nancy standing in her frilly dress with fireflies around her, she has come to live with her Swedish grandparents because her mother is ill. She learns about many Swedish customs, including name days. Since her name isn't Swedish, she doesn't have a name day and feels left out. She meets a Polish girl and learns Polish-Americans celebrate name-days and that there is a day for her middle name--Wanda. There is also a quite a bit on how she and her cousins decorate their rooms. Nancy chooses yellow rose wallpaper--some editions of this book have a pattern of yellow roses on the endpapers."


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I read this book so many times as a young girl! Loved it, and so wanted my own room (always shared with 2 sisters) so that I could have the yellow rose wallpaper. I found a copy today on ebay, but can't afford $275!!! I'll keep looking, would love to share this with my granddaughter!

Kathy Dressler

I read this book at least 40 years ago, and my recollection was that there were no names for Feb. 29th (that's today :) and that her grandfather wrote her name in his name book. Or am I making this up? I had forgotten about the yellow roses; wonder if that's why I had a yellow room as a teen?! Thanks for your post!


I know I'm commenting on this post a *little* late, but I just had to thank you for bringing back such a lovely childhood memory. I, too, wanted the yellow rose wallpaper! :) ~Cheers


I am so glad to finally find the title and author of this book! I remembered the wallpaper and other bits, and today I have been searching with just what I could remember, it has been more than 40 years since I read it. I am delighted with your site. I too am a Charlotte Mason fan, a retired homeschool mom after 23 years. I have decided to find my old favorite children's books for my grandchildren.Thank you!!


I too, fondly remember this book from my childhood. I always wanted the yellow rose wallpaper.


I have had recurring memories of this book for years, but could not remember the name of it. I have tried to use websites that will help you find a title if you can offer bits of info about it. My strong memory was of the yellow rose wallpaper. I had let go of finding it, but the memory nagged me. I tried again yesterday and came across your post. When I saw the cover of the book the memories came flooding back. Thank you for helping me find the treasured book I have been searching years to find!


This was the first book I withdrew from the library as a child.....then as an adult, went back to the library and re-read it. Was just browsing on my computer for a different book and thought I'd check and see if there was any info to be found and surprise!...brought back memories of a simpler time. Thanks so much!

Kay on the farm in Neb

Clarice, I remember this book. I'm of Czech heritage and the Czech have name days too. I only wish our family would have celebrated this more. I have the Czech name day site bookmarked, and am going to go find when my name day is again.

Thank you for the reminder.

Hugs from the farm.


One of my favourite books when I was little!


How did I ever miss this book as my kids were growing up. Sounds wonderful!

Glamour Mom

Sounds like a very sweet story. I love books that teach about other customs and this sounds like that as well. Will have to search for this one too. Thank you for sharing :)


Thanks for the book recommendation--just the kind we like! Have a blessed Easter:-)XOXO

Lady Laurie

I must admit I never heard of this book, but I love the sound of it, and my daughter's name is Jennie.

Wishing you a lovely Happy Easter!


Oh my goodness! What a sweet memory you brought back to me!
I remember reading that book when I was 9 years old. It is one of my very favorites too.
I am going to have to try to find it again. I tried to find it several years ago but I was unable. I did come up with the Crystal Tree also by Jennie Lindquist.
Thank you for the lovely post.


Oh! "The Golden Name Day"!! It's definitely one of my all time favorites as well! Love it, love it, love it. Do you remember how long it took for us to find affordable copies? I even had dark, desperate thoughts of larceny at one point - the library *did* have two copies after all. Fortunately though, reason and ethics prevailed and I waited patiently until one came up on eBay. *grin*

Definitely time for a reread!


That sounds like a lovely book, I will have to keep my eye out for it.


Ahhh!! Illustrated by Garth Williams - my favourite . He did all of the Little House books and my personal favourite childrens book of all time - Mr. Dog!

Deanna (domestic chicky)

What a lovely site you have. I am looking forward to a good sit down to read more...thank you for coming to my site as well...

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