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I think I have already confessed this but if not, I HATE cleaning. I mean what is the point, it only looks dirty 20 minutes later, uggg. But of course one has to clean. Since I love decorating I try to think of it as part of staging my house. This helps (but I still hate cleaning). So I play these little games with myself. I treat myself once a month to something small. If I have a big job I think of some creative task I get to do with it. Please tell me I am not the only one like this  <:-o

So my kitchen needs a spring cleaning. I have been wanting to make my kitchen feel more Victorian but still keep the pastels I have. Well these labels fit the bill. I just love them. As I have said I am on a fairly tight food budget. One of the ways I save money is to buy in bulk. My grocer has a large bulk section and that saves me a lot of money. But I then have lots of jars. For items I use a lot of, I have peanut butter jars a friend gave me. I painted the lids a pretty lavender, gray. Then made these labels.


One of the problems with homemade labels is what do you do when you have to wash the jar. I tried several ideas, like tying them on (that is why there are holes punched in the corner). What I ended up doing was cover the labels completely on both sides with packing tape (I did not want to pay for laminating, then I could buy good chocolate instead). So then when the labels were covered, I just used another strip of tape and taped the top to the jar. It will be easy to pull off, clean jar and re-tape.

If you want to make labels yourself, click on each picture and save. I gave you a blank one and you can write what you want on it. Enjoy, by the way price I had to pay for these pretty labels was to take apart my cabinet and scrub it down and clean all the jars !!

Flour OatsRice SugarRi44003


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I use contatct paper and sharpie markers. You can peel off the labels and re-use them and they also can just be run through the dishwasher without a problem. (Something I just discovered yesterday when I forgot toe peel one off!) I found some beautiful contact paper that actually matches my dishes. It makes everything look so much nicer!


Love the labels! Thanks for sharing all of your smart ideas!!


Your labels look smashing! I want to make some for my jars too but I want to do something more mid century modern since my house is a 50's ranch.

I have to confess that I really love cleaning. I don't like picking up my house every day, but once a week I kick everyone out, blast loud music, and clean for two hours. I find it cathartic.

Jill Pettis

Hi Clarice! I also keep my pantry items in large jars. Mine are the big pickle jars you get at Costco and the like. I never thought about painting the lids, mine are all white, but I may do that! I wanted to tell you that you can now buy a "window cling film" type of printer paper that might work for this. You could remove them when you clean and put them back on when they are clean.

Mary T.

Well, you have been busy over the last week (my last check in date was last Friday - how fast is time going anyway?) I love the labels! and congrats. on having Susan Branch check out your blog. I'm so honored to know you! Hugs!

cherry menlove

Great labels Clarice!! M.Stew clearly has some serious competition.

Love Cherry xx


Nifty labels Clarice!
And I like it that you painted the lids.
Did I ever tell you that you're so smart?



Oh my gosh! I'm not alone!! That is *exactly* how I motivate myself to clean. I can only clean well if I'm rearranging something or adding a decorative element to a room. I can also be motivated by scent (candles, potpourri, or even a cleaner with a lovely scent).

I've even been known to resort to buying cut flowers at the grocery store as motivation. A vase full of of flowers would be very wrong in a cluttered room. Once I have the vase of flowers I feel compelled to make the room "match".

Your labels are lovely. My jars are unlabelled and it makes my husband batty. I can't help but giggle when he asks me, "Where's the sugar?". And I say, "Right there. On the shelf.". To which he responds, "No, which of these jars of white powder is sugar?". :-)


Those are just the cutest things! Isn't it fun to 'create' when cleaning?

:) LaTeaDah


SO pretty, Clarice. They are very Victorian and I love how you protected them with the tape, great idea!!!! I also think a cleaning reward is a great idea!


They're beautiful Clarice; thanks for sharing them with us. I have also tried clear contact paper, which works pretty well.
I like the painted lids!

Lady Laurie

These are wonderful lables Clarice, thank you so much for letting us print them too!!


Thanks, Clarice!


That's great idea! I have some jars where I keep my ribbons and buttons, but they don't have labels. Gotta make them! I also don't like cleaning very much, because kids don't keep home clean, that means I clean all the time!!! Too much is not all right.


I love these, Clarice. Something practical yet pretty. I'm all for that. I don't like cleaning either but I like things to look pretty. Such a Catch 22.

Congrats on your one year anniversary. Mrs. Staggs AND you were my inspiration for blogging.

So glad Chloe liked her pirate pin. It was my first flower pin and now I can't stop making them! :)

I read about Susan Branch and had to run right over to Pixie Wood. I got a shout out, too. I was so giddy last night. To think she's been to our blogs - WOW!

You've had quite the week! CHeers! LA

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Your labels are great!!! My pantry labels are, for the most part, hand lettered onto adhesive address labels. I may have to try to be more creative in the future. Your pantry jars are lovely!!!


Clarice, your jars and the labels look really nice. I use clear packaging tape on the labels that I make for my homemade jam and it works great!


You could also try laminating them with clear contact paper, which is usually pretty cheap at the mart type stores. I did that a lot when I was teaching. The other thing I have used pretty successfully are those clear laminating pouches you can buy in the office section of the big mart store.

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