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I have been looking for ways to organize my baking section. I have a large selection (as you can see) of lots of different dried fruits, nuts, sugars, ect. I found these small totes at Target. I love them because they are flexible and have handles. I buy most of my baking supplies in the bulk section so I have lots of small bags of this and that. I labeled each one chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, sugars, miscellaneous. I may get more.  I love it because I can pull out a tote and easily find what I am looking for. Even thought there is a lot in each tote, it looks a lot cleaner now having a row of them with the same label. If you like the labels, click on the image below and save them for you to use. I covered them the same way as I did these lables.

Also you will see all these papers on the cabinet doors. I keep taped to the inside of both doors basic baking recipes I use all the time. I found it was the only I could keep them, without loose them :-)

                                                                              Lables Blables_2



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Hello, I am new to your blog, and it is oh so beautiful!
Thanks for the labels, and the inspiration.


Love the whole thing - the totes, their colors, the labels, what you are using them for. I've got to get to Target and do this myself.

Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

Cheers! LA

lauren Mumford

It looks so fresh and pretty Clarice! Thanks for sharing the amazing labels with us, they're beautiful and I will put them to some good use I'm sure.



I love the pretty labels and those blue bins are perfect. They would be great to use in T-Party's kitchen as we have so many bags of dried fruit for our scones, not to mention loads of other baking items. Great ideas Clarice, thanks!


I love your organization! It epecially speaks to me since I just spent the morning cleaning our under bathroom sinks and in drawers!


Clarice, I love the labels. I think organizing can actually be beautiful!


Such pretty lables and so kind of you to make enough to share!! Your baking supplies look wonderful in those totes.


It's both organized and beautiful. The labels look great with the blue totes! Thanks for sharing them.


I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing all these great recipes and other tips. When will your May zine be ready, I think I'll need a copy!


I ditto what Susie R. are such an inspiration to all of us!
Thank you for the lovely idea, although we don't have a Target here in Canada. I did look at Walmart today but they didn't have those cute totes....sounds like a trip is in the making to the USA! Just kidding! I will admire your totes and try to come up with an original idea here!
Love your encouragement to organize!

Susan P.

Clarice, you are getting so organized and it is inspiring me to do the same! The labels are just so lovely, thank you so much for sharing them with us.


(Miss Clarice, thank you)


Hi Clarice! I adore your pretty Victorian inspired labels. They look fabulous on the robin's egg blue totes, too. Hey, did you know that Victoria magazine is coming back into print??? I've heard a rumor that Victoria will begin publishing this autumn with the first issue to hit the newstand in October.

I just have to say: your blog is beautiful and isnpiring--it just keeps getting better and better!

Susie R

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney

How pretty and inviting Clarice! :)


Yes, you are just getting too organized. I like the idea of taping the recipe onto the back of the door. The totes are cute. Love, Mom


Nice job Clarice! Nothing better than a corraled cupboard! The labels are very pretty too.



You are so thoughtful - sharing your labels. I'm loving them.


You are so sweet to share your labels!! I think they're beautiful. If only my puter was hooked up to the printer! Arg! Maybe I can get the husband to do that for me this week :)
Enjoy your Sunday! It's a sunny one here :)


Your pantry looks so pretty, Clarice! I really like the blue totes and thank you for sharing the labels...they are gorgeous!!!!



The labels are gorgeous. You know, I've found at Amazon, some Dover books full of victorian images!!! You might wanna take a look too! Have a nice sunday!

Mrs. Staggs

Wow, you are really becoming organized!
Everything looks really nice Clarice!

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