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Well with all the craziness of the past week, dinner has been a bit scary. I was so glad I had some meals in the freezer. I wanted to share my quick, easy version of Swedish meatballs. These are not as amazing if I made them from scratch but this is yummy and easy. It is just meant to be a good dinner, when you do not have time to make it all from scratch.

One of the things I keep in the freezer is uncooked meatballs. I will get the big packs of ground beef and make a huge batch of meatballs. The girls and I sit around rolling all these meatballs. Freeze them on cookie sheet (so they do not all stick together in the baggies) and when frozen transfer them to freezer baggies.

You can make this in a crockpot in the morning or in a pan on a stove. Also I do not like can cream of mushroom soup (sorry) but I have found mushroom gravy from Pacific foods. It make a nice healthy substitute.

I pour one carton of mushroom gravy in a pan, add some chopped fresh or dried dill and some fresh grated nutmeg*. Add frozen meatballs (do not defrost) cover and simmer an 1/2 hour. I cook rice in the rice-cooker while the meatballs are simmering. When meatballs are done, I pull the pan off  the heat. I gently scoop meatballs into a bowl. Then I whisk in a 1/2 carton of sour cream in gravy and add more dill. Pour sauce over meatballs and serve with rice and veggie.

For a quick dessert, sprinkle chocolate granola over ice cream.

When ever I am temped to be lazy and not cook dinner, I try to remember if I do not blow my money on bad, quick food, then I can go out to and have a proper yummy dinner down the road. This and being prepared helps me.

*About fresh nutmeg: It has a peppery quality, but dried nutmeg looses that pepperyness and is just sweet. So in savory cooking only use fresh nutmeg. If you do not have fresh nutmeg, just leave it out. 

Picture by Jean Delville


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Terri Pollhein

That's a smart idea, the make ahead meatballs. I'll have to do that. It would save so much time!


Oh Clarice...I love your new elegant!!


Though I don't always succeed, I like to try to keep some meatballs in the freezer. I love swedish meatballs and will have to try your recipe, which would work great, since we don't use canned cream of mushroom soups because of the msg in most of them.
I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your petite magazine. I just sat down tonight to look through it again. It is such a great idea, and you did a really lovely job, Clarice!


Wow what a great new look! BTW tell me how to order you new magazine.


I love swedish meatballs, and Lennis likes them even more than I do.
Wow, that's a much shorter version, and I would be more likely to use this recipe since it's faster.
Thanks again Clarice..


This is one of my favorite's! I love the idea of pre-freezing the meatballs such a help in a hurry!!

Glamour Mom

This sounds so delicious. I love any recipe that contains meatballs. And I agree with you, preparing a little ahead of time always makes it easier to eat home cooked meals. Thank you for sharing. Your recipe is definitely going in my "to-make" recipe box :)


I am very spoiled...I never cook dinner. That's because my wonderful husband does all of the cooking. (Thank goodness or we'd starve.) I'll pass along this swell recipe to him.

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