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Winter Corners 3




Hello I thought I would share my mother's winter corners. She decided to use purple for her inspiration. The picture does not do justice to these amazing glass hurricanes. They are stunning. (when she is not looking I am taking them !!)


Look at this beautiful handpainted bowl it was done by a great aunt I have never meet.



My mother got some wonderful tins and a sign at Michele's. If you get a chance check it out.



So if you are at a loss on decorating, try picking a color and look around your home for everything in that color and see what you come up with. Thank you for letting me share mom xoxx



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Jennifer Paganellli

oh Clarice look at that!!! Love he bright red ssoooo pretty..thanks for stopping by
the blog...my best, Jennifer


Great inspiration as always...enjoying looking at the winter corners!!


I love it all! Thanks for the wonderful peek!
Love the french tin on the wall with the pots and pans, the Monet, the lavender and lilac colours....almost spring'y'! Such eclectic and *global* taste!


I love the pictures ~ Lately I have been on a lavender/violet kick. You know I was going throught paint colors last night, and found the prettiest shade of lavender, I want to paint one of the rooms that color ~ I am thinking the bathroom.


lovely ... really lovely.
thanks for sharing.
all love & hugs from the UK


Everything is just beautiful, especially those hurricane lamps..wow! I love how she picked a color and went with it. Purple was a lovely choice for winter!


The glass hurricane shades must be lovely when lit.I think the little tea pot is just so cute.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo



Please tell your Mother that I love the lavender winter corner.

Such a touch of Spring...
The china painted bowl is beautiful! Your Aunt was a great china painter..



Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I collect tins but don't currently have them displayed. Some day!

Mary T.

I love the "claude monet" corner. Thanks, Linda!


Those glass hurricanes are a gorgeous shade! I really love that sign also. Thanks for the tour,

Leigh Ann

What a great decorating tip! The purple is great. I love the runner with the handpainted dish.

Thanks to Mom for sharing! :)

Cheers! LA


I love all the purple! Maybe because it's my favorite color! :D I was wondering, what is the color of her sofa? Is everything else neutral so she can change out the accessory colors?

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