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Mousehole Cat


A favorite Christmas book is MouseHole Cat by Antonia Barber. You can read the book on-line and see the real mousehole. I love that thereis a real town and picturesw that you can see of it. There is also a simple movie made form the book that we love. At the end of the movie they show the Mowzel festival every Christmas.

At the far end of England, a land of rocks and moorland stretches itself out into a blue-green sea.
Between its high headlands lie tiny sheltering harbours where the fishing boats hide when the winter storms are blowing.
One of these harbours is so small and the entrance between its great stone breakwaters is so narrow that fishermen called it "the Mousehole".
The people who lived in the cottages around the harbour grew fond of the name and they call their village Mousehole to this day.
They say it in the Cornish way, "Mowzel", but you may say it as you choose.
Once there lived in the village a cat whose name was Mowzer.
She had an old cottage with a window overlooking the harbour, an old rocking-chair with patchwork cushions and an old fisherman named Tom.


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Hello Clarice
I don't know how I discovered your blog but I am glad I did.
It is delightful!
I have this gorgeous book and we have spent some happy holidays down in Mousehole Cornwall.. I live about 200 miles away in the beautiful city of Bath UK.
Love your collections.. just my cup of tea.

Leigh Ann

I don't know this story. I'm off to my library's site to see if they have it. Thanks, again, for sharing. Cheers! LA


WOW Clarice,
Not only do you share all your wonderfully crafty ideas, menus and recipes, decorating, great children's books and movies, you also have visitors from all over the world!
You are becoming an international name in households!:)
Seriously, you are doing a great job!
Thanks for sharing with us!
I love the illustrations in this book!

Fathers Grace Ministries

Just a note to tell you ho w much I've enjoyed exploring your blog!It's beautiful!I love old books myself too-especially children's ones.I'm not crafty,but hubby & I love garage-sailing for old-fashioned stuff when we're able.I'm a Christian, SAHM from Australia & have 2 daughters 5 & nearly 3.
God Bless


My, oh my. Tonight I'm reading about stories I read and watched on TV, with the kids when they were small. I love this story and I would love to watch it again this Christmas. Thanks for sharing. I also came across "Les Choristes” last year. I my daughter and I discovered one evening during the Christmas break. Beautiful story with the most beautiful choir voices I ever heard. If you haven't seen and the family must...even if it’s in English subtitles. Well worth your time.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Clarice, the book sounds lovely. I'm so excited! I just looked up our library database and they have the book *and* video. I always love the books you recommend!


Oh I remember this one from when the kids were young, it is a lovely story. I think I remember a tV adaptation as well.


That's one of our favorites, too! I should dig it out and read it this Christmas.

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